Internet Cafes/ web stores can issue Railway ticket | Railway e-ticket by Internet cafes

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Salient features of the scheme for booking of E-tickets by Internet Cafes/ web stores /chain of Distributors with Internet Facility etc. having at least 100 centers with complete infrastructure.

  • Such Internet Cafe Chains/web stores/chain of distributors with Internet facility etc. having at least 100 centers with complete infrastructure as are
    desirous of transacting through IRCTC should write to IRCTC along with complete names, addresses, e-mail ID and telephone numbers of their
    centers confirming their authenticity that the center is an authorized Branch/Office of the Franchise or Principal. After confirming the same, IRCTC
    may enter into a formal agreement with individual cafes, and/or Principal. The agreement will include acceptance of the terms & conditions for
    using IRCTC’s website for booking tickets.
  • Internet café’s / Corporate (Including their Franchises),other than Government organizations, PSU’s & Nationalized Banks shall pay lump sum
    deposit which will be on non- refundable basis as per the slabs given below:-

    a) 1-100 outlets/ Kiosks — Rs.1 Lakh (Rupees one lakh only)
    b) 101-250 outlets/kiosks — Rs.1.50,000 lakh (Rupees one lakh fifty thousand only)
    c) 251-500 outlets/ kiosks — Rs.2, 00,000/- (Rupees Two lakh only)
    d) 501-1000 outlets/kiosks–Rs.3,00,000/-(Rupees Three lakh only)
    e) 1001-2500 outlets/ kiosks – Rs.5,00,000/- (Rupees Five lakh only)
    f) 2501-5000 outlets/Kiosks – Rs.10,00,000/- (Rupees Ten lakh)
    g) Above 5001 outlets/kiosks – Rs.20,00,000/- (Rupees Twenty Lakh)

  • All such centers will be required to purchase a class 3 personal digital certificate from any Indian Certifying Authority for their authorized user
    (only one authorized user will be permitted). for Digital signature click here
  • When an authorized center user logs in, IRCTC application will authenticate the digital certificate, and if authenticated, will allow him to book
    e-tickets only without applying any restriction on the number of tickets to be booked.
  • The center user will book the ticket as per the normal flow, and will give identity card details of the traveler. Center should issue receipt for money
    taken by him from customer on his own printed stationery. Service tax, as applicable should be shown separately in the receipt issued by the
    Cafes/Center. This receipt should be preserved by the customer to claim refund from the center, if it becomes necessary.
  • Payment by these Centers to IRCTC for booking tickets on line will be made online, and only direct debit using Internet Banking and cash card
    options will be made available for such payments. However centers will collect the money from customers in cash.
  • The refunds will be credited back to the account used for online booking. The Centers will be responsible for refunds to customers. In case of
    proved misconduct in this regard, the minimum punishment will be termination of his authorization for Internet booking.
  • On expiry of the validity of recognition of the Center, the access provided to such Centers would be deactivated by IRCTC unless renewed by their
    Principal and conveyed to IRCTC.
  • IRCTC service charges for e-tickets booked by the centers shall be Rs. 10/- for Sleeper Class and 2S and Rs.20/-for AC Class.
  • The service charges to be realized by these centers from the customers in addition to IRCTC service charges given in Para 9 as above will be
    Rs. 10/- per ticket in case of 2nd class and sleeper class, while it will be Rs. 20/- per ticket for classes higher than second / sleeper class
    (inclusive of service tax).These charges are liable to change without notice at any point of time.
  • As corporate entities these centers shall not be eligible for membership of the Scheme for Frequent Travelers. Individual members of the scheme
    shall not be able to accrue any reward points if they purchase tickets thru these agents and/or members.
  • Internet Cafes/ Centers as noted above, shall be required to send following to IRCTC:

    a. The Proposal of the company.
    b. Name and Address of the Internet Café / Centers along with the names and complete addresses of its branches/offices.
    c. Balance sheet of the company for the last 2 year.

  • After the approval of the proposal the following documents should be submitted –

    a. Agreement as given on website complete in all respect.
    b. Public key of Digital Signature as per details given in para 2 & 3 as above in soft copy in CD.
    c. Registration Form as given on website in both hard as well as soft copy in CD

  • For all queries please contact at following address / telephone / e-mail.

    All the above may please be sent at following address:

    Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd.
    1stFloor, Internet Ticketing Centre
    IRCA Building, State Entry Road,
    New Delhi – 110055
    The User ID & password shall be informed through e-mail id provided in Registration Form.

  • The distributors are NOT permitted to issue any advertisement in any media for soliciting E- rail ticketing agents.
  • For all queries please contact us at the above address / telephone / e-mail.

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