How to register a trade dispute complaint with the Consulate in China? | Trade dispute with chines company

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Procedure to register a trade dispute complaint with the Consulate
Indian enterprise intending to register a complaint against a Chinese company should write to the Commercial Wing of the Consulate General of India, Shanghai.
The contact details are as follows:
Assistant Commercial Officer
Consulate General of India
1008, Shanghai International Trade Center
2201, Yan An West Road, Shanghai
Ph: 0086-21-6219 9234
Fax: 0086-21-6295 6892
The Indian company should send the scanned copies of the documents as mentioned below for the Consulate to take appropriate action on the complaint:
1. Complete trade dispute format with narration of the case
2. Proof of placement of order by the Indian company
3. Proforma Invoice (Commercial Invoice)
4. Bill of Lading & Packing list
5. Proof of bank transfer to the Chinese company
6. Test reports (SGS, etc)
7. Communications between Indian company and Chinese Company regarding the trade dispute.
It may be noted that the Consulate will not be able to present the case suitably to the Chinese authorities if the case is not supported with the documents as mentioned above.

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