How to get revolver license? | How to get Arm license?

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How to get Arm license?

Submit the following format to the commissioner of Police in your area with prescribed fees as fixed by the Government.
The applicants have to submit an application in the prescribed forms for the purpose of obtaining of License , renewal of license (in a plain paper), and permission for transportation, sale, purchase, registration, cancellations etc of arms and ammunitions at the Commissioner of Police Office
The Commissioner of Police is the licensing authority under the following Acts, Rules and Regulations viz.:


  • The Arms Act 1959
    For individuals to possess a Revolver / Pistol, Rifle, D.B.B.L / S.B.B.L guns and S.B.M.L guns.
    Gun Lincenses for Banks and other Government undertakings for their security.
  • The Explosives Act 1884
    For retail outlets to store and sell fire crackers.
  • The Karnataka Police Act 1963
    Issuel of permission for holding processions and Jatras.
    Issuel of permission for use of loudspeakers and sale of State lottery tickets.
  • The Karnataka Traffic Control Rules 1979
  • The Karnataka Traffic (Control of Public Vehicle) Rules 1979
  • Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Amusements (Bangalore City) Order 1989.
    For running Live Bands, Video Games, Billiards / Snooker Parlours, Stimulator Centres and other Amusement Centres under Licensing and Controlling of Places of Public Amusement (Bangalore City).
  • Petroleum Act 1934.
    N.O.C for storage of Diesel, Petrol, Kerosene and Sulphur.
Arm license format:


PART A: Identity of Applicant:
 1. Name:
2. Father’s Name:
3. Place of birth:

4. Date of birth:
5. Present address:
            i) Nearest Police Station

6. Permanent Aaddress

ii) Nearest Police Station

7. Occupant and designation of Office held if any (Together with address):
8.Whether the applicant has been

a) Convicted, if so details.
b) Ordered to execute-bond under Chapter-VIII of Code of Criminal procedure
c) prohibited under the Arms Act 1959 of any other law from having/Arms Application:

9.Whether the applicant applied for a licence before, if so, when to whom and result: 
a) Whether the applicant’s licence was over suspended or cancelled, revoked, if so, when and what result

b) Whether any other members of the applicant’s family is in possessioon of Arms Licence, if so details thereof.

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