GMAT new exam format for June exam | How to get entry to B-schools?

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GMAT new exam format for June exam:
GMAC is changing the test format after 17 years.It was done after a survey of B schools in which they asked new skills be measured.GMAC always believed in evolving the exam according to needs.Many schools felt that a higher order integrated reasoning should be included.Data analysis is a key point in business now.Most B-schools have case studies in their syllabi.
The new section will test the candidates ability to interpret visual images like pie-charts and histograms,convert data from verbal and graphical representations,to understand relationships from graphs and integrate data from various sources, Ashok Sarathy,vice-president,GMAT operations,
Sample questions are available on the GMAC website.The test prep materials will be available from April.Students can now start practising other sections and can focus on the new section from April 2012.
GMAT is becoming popular among Indian students and B-schools.There has been a 10% increase in the number of students appearing for the test in the past year.The number of schools accepting the score in India has increased by 200% over the past four years.
New section named
Integrated Reasoning Includes graphic interpretation,table analysis,multi-source reasoning and two-part analysis Essay on Analytical Writing Assessment dropped
What was earlier in GMAT and what will be after June 2012?
Integrated Reasoning :

The 30-minute Integrated Reasoning section is new to the GMAT exam as of June 2012. It consists of four question formats: Multi-Source Reasoning, Table Analysis, Graphics Interpretation, and Two-Part Analysis. The Integrated Reasoning section will consist of 12 questions, most of which will involve more than one response. It is not computer adaptive. You cannot go back and change answers
on a previous screen. An online calculator with basic functions will be available for the Integrated Reasoning section only.

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