Car and two wheeler speed limit in Bangalore city | New rule on speed limit in Bangalore

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New rule on speed limit in Bangalore:


The commissioner of polices office,which issued a notification in this regard on Thursday,set the limit for cars at 60 km/hr,except on the stretch between Hebbal and BIA where the limit is 80 km/hr.The maximum speed for all sorts of bikes is 50 km/hr.Buses and HTVs should not go faster than 50 km/hr.The maximum speed for three-wheelers,autos and tempos is 40 km/hr.Tractors and trailers are not to,exceed 20 km/hr.
The new uniform limit is being introduced to avoid any confusion on different speed limits on different roads.The speed limit will apply to that category of vehicles across the city.Bringing in uniformity,we hope to reduce the number of accidents.
This is good move but commuters are already tired of traffic congestion and the rule need some more clarification on driving at night? In general if the road has traffic congestion no one can exceed the needed speed but if roads are free limit question will arise.

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