what you need to apply for ration card online? | Who can apply for ration card online?

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Prerequisites for Applying Ration Card
1)The applicant should know the district, Taluk, city and the Ward number of the area where he/she is residing.
2)If the applicant has an electricity connection for his/her residence, the following information is required
a)The RR number available in the electricity bill.
b)The ESCOM location code (if belongs to Bangalore and Tumkur)
3)The mobile number of the applicant.
4)The date of birth/year of birth of the applicant.
5)If the applicant is single, the applicant has to provide his/her parent’s/family’s address in the application.
6)List of all the members to be included in the Ration Card.
7)The date of birth/year of birth of all the members.
8)If the applicant has an LPG connection, the following information is required:
a)The name of the company and the distributor of your LPG.
b)Your LPG Consumer number.
c)Name of the person under whose name the LPG connection is registered.
9)If the applicant has had an old Ration Card, in that case the old Ration Card number must be provided in the application.

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