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Ration card online application in Karnataka:
I have applied for my ration card online today and it is too good and very good move by the Government of Karnataka.  There is no other way of applying for ration card now. One has to apply for ration card online only using the link given below and there is no other mode of applying for Ration card.
while submitting application one need to provide Gas consumer number, RR number of the electricity connection and pan number if they have.
If one has surrendered their ration card held in some other place the certificate number need to be mentioned while filling the application.
Apply here online
Urban families may be residing in houses as owners, tenants,lessees, under dispute or unauthorisedly. Irrespective of nature of occupation , entry of electricity meter RR number of the house into the computer system is a must. If in case the house doesnot have power supply, then an entry may be made thus. In case of rural families entry of property tax number of the house is a must, unless the property not taxed for valid reason.
As the online arrangement for submission of applications for new ration cards is permanent, there is no need to hurry. Online facility at the various offices may be availed without creating rush. Ration cards will be issued after local inspection.
Frequently asked questions while filling online ration card application:

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