How to Apply for Person of Indian origin card? | Benefit of PIO card

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How to Apply for Person of Indian origin card?:
You need to provide the following documents with the duly filled application.
(i) Proof of present citizenship:
The copies of first two and last two pages of foreign passport should be enclosed. The original Passport should also be sent. Old foreign (US or other) passport carrying valid Indian visa should also be sent. We will cancel the valid Indian visas and return the foreign passports to you.
(ii)Proof of Indian citizenship:
The photocopies of first three and last two pages of Indian Passport should be enclosed. If Indian Passport is still valid, the same may be sent for cancellation.
(iii)Birth Certificate:
If applicant is born abroad, his/her birth certificate, wherein both parents’ names have been mentioned, should be provided.
(iv)Relationship proof:
If parents/grand-parents origin is being claimed as basis for grant of PIO Card, following documents may be furnished:
(a) Copies of first three and last two pages of both parents’ Indian passports
Copies of their domicile certificates issued by the competent authorities (class one Gazetted officer in India)
(b)Evidence of relationship with the applicant i.e.
(i)In case of Parents origin: birth certificate of applicant wherein names of parents have been mentioned should be submitted.
(ii)In case of grand / great grand parents’ origin: birth certificate of applicant wherein names of parents have been mentioned; birth certificate of parents wherein their parents’ names have been mentioned should be submitted.
(v) Proof of Residence:
Any two of the following i.e. copy of utility bill (phone bill /electricity bill) or Driving License or Lease Deed (of residence) etc. where your USA address in the USA is clearly mentioned should be provided. The copies should be duly notarized, if you are sending your application by mail.
(vi) Visa Status:
Copy of Permanent Resident Card (both sides) or Employment authorization card or copy of page showing H1 / H4, L1/L2, F1/F2, J1/J2 etc. visa should be enclosed in case of non-US citizens. The Indian passport holder parents who are applying PIO card for their kids, then also visa status proof is essential. If you have applied for visa extension, then such proof should be provided.
(vii) Address in India:
If this different from the one in the Indian passport, please provide proof in r/o new address.
(viii) Copy of the Surrender certificate issued by the Government of India authorities
If you do not have surrender certificate issued by the Indian Government authorities after seeking foreign nationality, then follow the procedure for applying the surrender certificate by clicking the tab below, without which your PIO application will not be processed
Please note that:
a) Application form should be submitted in two sets. However supporting document should be one set only.
b) Please fill up the application with black ink and in bold (capital) letters.
c) Please provide signature or thumb impression of the applicant in the boxes provided for signature. Please note that if minors (less than 18 years of the age) are able to sign then let them do so. Thumb impression should be left for male and right for female. Signature of thumb impression should not spill over out of the box provided.
d) Wherever question is not applicable fill “N/A” in front of that.
e) In case of minors both parents and legal guardian should sign the declaration.
f) Please provide reachable telephone number in the column 11 (b), so that in case of any communication, Consulate official can reach to you.
g)Attach 4 recent passport size (2″ X 2″ without border) good quality colour photographs with full frontal view with white background only. One to be pasted (not stapled) on each application (first on original and second on the copy) and remaining 2 to be stapled on the first original application form.
h) Furnishing of false information will result in outright rejection of the application. Acceptance of application does not confer any right on the applicant to the PIO Card.
i) Address in India – If the address indicated in the passport of the applicant/parents/grand parents is no longer valid, please furnish verifiable address of a close relative.
j) The expression India in column 22 (a) in PIO application is as follows:
“Expression ‘India’ as given in sub-section (1) of the section 311 of the Government of India act, 1935 means British India together with all territories of any Indian ruler under the suzerainty of His Majesty, all territories under the suzerainty of such an Indian ruler, the tribal areas, and any other territories which His Majesty in Council may, from time to time, After ascertaining the views of the federal Government and the Federal legislature, declare to be part of India”. To see the duly filled PIO applications (without supporting documents) .

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Important Notice for OCI/PIO


1. Only original utility bills will be accepted as proof of residence with the OCI/PIO application. Applications submitted with photocopies of utility bills will be returned. In case of driving licence/State Id photocopies may be accepted.

2. Facility of personal delivery/pick-up at Travisa counter can be availed only by the applicant himself. At the time of personal delivery the photo-Id will be checked and the proof of residence will be verified by Travisa.

3. OCI/PIO applicants are advised to refrain from approaching any agents for facilitation of OCI or PIO application. Neither the Embassy or nor the Consulate nor Travisa has not authorized any agent to handle OCI/PIO applications. All applications routed through agents will be rejected.


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