Gas connection latest update | What will happen to illegal gas connection?

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One in three LPG connections illegal
Food and civil supplies dept to display list of clandestine consumers at each gas agency
The chaos over the illegal LPG connection across the city will see a logical end in a couple of days.The food and civil supplies department,which had launched the drive across the state to check irregularities in the distribution of cooking gas,has prepared a final list of illegal LPG connections which will be displayed at every gas agency for public information.
According to sources in the department,out of the 76 lakh LPG connections in the state,around 24 lakh were found to be illegal.The department gave enough time to the public to update details in case their connections are misrepresented.But only a few people came forward to rectify the mistake.The final list of probable illegal connections is almost ready.In a couple of days,the list will be displayed at the respective agencies for the benefit of the public, said Shobha Karandlaje,minister for food and civil supplies.
Besides,the department has also detected around 10 lakh cases where the same RR number is used for multiple up to four LPG connections.Considering the inconvenience it may cause to the public,we have decided not to cancel such connections at this juncture, Karandlaje said.
The department will continue to keep a tab on these connections.If they are genuine cases,we will permit them.But there are cases where even a family of two have taken three to four LPG connections.Those who live in joint families should provide documents to prove the same.In case of failure,the connections will be suspended, said an official in the department.

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