Where to Buy Namma Metro Travel Cards ? | Namma Metro Travel Cards Online

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Namma Metro Travel Cards Online:
Advantage by buying Online : The owners of these premium number cards enjoy privilege over others having normal number cards. You can give request to block these cards online whenever the card is lost or stolen.
The user has to register on this site and furnish required details. The selected card after making online payment will be despatched at the address furnished through post within 7 working days.
Namma Metro Travel Card is the Contactless Smart Card used in Namma Metro for travel. The Travel Card can be loaded with the following different types of Tickets.


Stored  Value Ticket (Brand Name : VARSHIK) This is most popular and common form of ticket. The commuter can store any value of currency(Maximum Rs.1500) on this ticket. The card is shown at the entry gate of a station to enter, then again at exit gate to exit. During exit, the fare value is deducted from the card. The card can be topped-up/recharged with any value in multiples of Rs. 50. whenever required. The validity of stored value is 1 year from the last top-up done on it.

Trip Ticket (Brand Name : SANCHAR) A regular commuter travelling between two fixed points can purchase advance trips viz., 10, 40, 50 or 100 trips and load them on card. On every trip made on Metro between those fixed points one trip is decremented from the total trip counts stored on card.  Trip ticket offers more discount but less validity than Stored Value Ticket.


Metro-Bus Ticket (Brand Name : SARAL & SARAAG) A commuter who wishes to travel unlimited throught the day on BMTC Bus and Metro can load this Metro-Bus Day pass on the card.


Note : The Travel Card will be despatched with zero stored value. The value can be added to the card at any Metro Station presently, through Airtel Retail Outlets,  State Bank of India ATMS, net Banking for SBI Account holders, BMRCL Website which will be announced later.  The Stored Value resides in the card itself.  The Balance Stored Value on the card can be seen at “Remaining Value Checking Terminal (RVCT)” placed  near the Customer Care at Stations.

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