How to enter/upload the Electricity Supply Company (ESCOM) meter R.R ?

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The Consumer may open the web-site and select the option ‘click here to verify the LPG connection Status and upload the RR No etc’. On the web-page that appears,select 3rd option „‘Enter/Upload ESCOM RR No details for LPG Connection’.Using the option ‘Enter/Upload ESCOM RR No details for LPG Connection’, the LPG consumer should upload the electricity meter RR number, if the system shows his/her status as “suspended” or “Wrong Electricity RR number”. Here, when the consumer clicks on the option ‘Enter/Upload ESCOM RR No details for LPG Connection’, he/she is required to enter the RR number and Ration Card (RC) number and upload the scanned documents to support his/her claim.
The system requests him/her to enter the following information.


1. Select oil company of the LPG Connection – Consumer has to select by clicking on the button the company of his LPG connection – BPC (Bharath Petroleum Company), HPC (Hindustan Petroleum Company) or IOC (Indian Oil Company)
2. Select the District of the Distributor – Consumer has to select the district where his/her LPG distributor/agency is located, out of the drop down list.
3. Select the distributor/agency of his/her LPG connection – Consumer has to select the distributor/agency from where he is getting the LPG cylinder, out of the drop down list.
4. Enter Consumer Number – Consumer has to enter the Consumer Number assigned to him/her by the Oil company while sanctioning LPG connection, which is mentioned in the LPG Card or bill. Consumer has to ensure to enter the prefix or suffix to Consumer number given by his/her distributor.

5. Enter Consumer Name – Consumer name mentioned in the LPG Card or bill has to be entered here.

6. Enter Mobile Number – If the Consumer has mobile phone, he/she can enter the mobile phone number so that in future the transaction details for issue of LPG etc. can be informed by the department by sending SMS.

7. Enter Aadhaar Number – If the consumer has enrolled under Central UID Scheme and got the Aadhaar Number, he/she can enter the number.

8. Enter Ration Card Number – If the consumer has a Ration Card, the number mentioned in the ration card, issued by the Food and Civil Supplies department, has to be entered. Here, only alphabets and numerals are allowed. If the consumer does not have a ration card, no entry need be made-the space should be left blank.

9. Select the District of stay – Consumer has to select the district where his/her house is located.

10. Select the Taluk of stay – Consumer has to select the taluk where his/her house is located.

11. Enter the Location Code – Consumers of Bangalore and Tumkur districts are required to enter the Location Code as mentioned in Electricity Bill of BESCOM. It is 7 digits number provided in the Electricity Bill.

12. Enter RR No as indicated in ESCOM Bill – Consumer can enter the RR number as indicated in his/her ESCOM Bill, where he/she is staying. This number is mentioned in the Electricity Bill given by the Electricity Companies. The RR number as mentioned in the bill has to entered, even with the special characters like . / _ etc.

13. Uploading of scanned documents –

 Electricity Bill – The consumer has to upload the scanned documents of the Electricity Bill compulsorily.

 LPG Bill- Consumer can also provide the scanned copy of LPG Bill, supplied by his/her/agency.

 Ration Card – Consumer has to upload the scanned copy of Ration Card, if he has entered

the Ration Card number.

TIPS for uploading the scanned documents:

 The scanned document size should not exceed 200 KB. So, if the electricity bill is too large fold the lower portion so0 that only the upper portion is visible

 The scanned document should be either a .pdf file or .jpeg file type.

 The document can be scanned with lower resolution in black and white mode so that the size does not exceed 200 KB.

14. Security Check Key – Consumer has to enter the displayed security key on the same screen.



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