RR number for Gas connection update

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LPG consumers in Bangalore are confused,angry and fed up.Many genuine users who have submitted their the LPG connections nearing,its chaos at gas agencies across the city.
There are many cases where two or three tenants having same RR number and their Gas connection is cancelled.This is the fifth time people have visited the gas agency to sort out their LPG connection.

There is chaos in uploading,or reuploading,data online,with many complaining the data would simply not get registered.There is no reason for confusion among genuine consumers living in small households and having a single RR number for different LPG connections.We have clearly stated that in such cases,gas supply will not be suspended.We will take a decision only after inspection, said B A Harish Gowda,secretary,food,civil supplies and consumer affairs department.

The one more instance will be a tenant leaving rented house but his connected is associated with his OLD RR number but the new tenant who come to new house and try to upload same RR number but he gets a message as RR number already associated with One Gas connection.

There is a need for proper plan to eliminate illegal connection without harassing legitimate users.


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  1. i hav submitted my RR no. on feb 2011 itself, and it is matched n everything was going well suddenly i came 2 know my distributor and so my consumer no. are changed and now i am unable to get new refill. now what i hav to do plz, guide

  2. I have applied for a new gas connection in Avtar Flame, Ludhiana in January 2012, when and how can I know about the status. And what time it will take to issue the connection? Please let me know


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