MCA Neft payment Guide

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MCA Neft payment Guide:
User Guide on Paying MCA21 Fees Via NEFT
Currently MCA21 payments are allowed via Credit Card, Internet Banking & Physical Challan. The Ministry has authorized 5 banks (Indian Bank, HDFC, ICICI, PNB and SBI) for collection of MCA21 fees, which means that only the account holders of these banks can avail Internet banking facility. Further, payment via challan can only be made in the authorized branches of these above five banks. Though this was a major improvement compared to the earlier manual system, it caused delays in incorporation of companies and
processing of other eForms.
In order to eliminate inconveniences caused due to payment processing delays, Ministry is introducing payment of MCA fees via NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) mode, in addition to already exiting payment methods.
1. User uploads eForm, selects ‘NEFT’ as payment option, generates a SRN and a eChallan which contains the procedure for conducting the NEFT transfer;

2. User transfer funds to one of the MCA21 account, via internet banking facility offered by their bank in which they hold an account. User may quote SRN in the remark column;

3. User’s bank provides a unique transaction number (UTN) for the NEFT transfer;

4. Banks will inform MCA21 system in four to five working hours about the payment along with the UTN;

5. User logins to MCA21 and link UTN and SRN. Additionally, for verification purpose, user will have to provide date of payment, IFSC code and account number from which the transfer was carried out and the amount. If the payment has been notified to MCA21 system and the details are matching, then the linking will be successful and MCA21 will create work item for further processing;

6. If details of payment for the SRN is still not received from banks, an information message is displayed to user to link SRN & UTN at a later time; If details doesn’t match an error message is shown to the user.


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