Manufacture/ sale of plastic carry bags less than 40 micron Banned | New rule for manufacture of Plastic

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Manufacture/ sale of plastic carry bags less than 40 micron Banned.:
The plastic waste management and handling rules 2011
Carry bags means all plastic bags used to carry commodities, including self carrying features Rule 3(b)
Prescribed Authority:
For enforcement of the provisions of these rules related to authorization ,manufacture,recycling and disposal shall be state pollution control Board (Rules4(a)).
For enforcement of the provisions of these rules relating to the use , collection, segregation transportation and disposal of post consumer plastic waste shall be the concerned municipal authority Rule 4(b).
No person shall manufacture , stock , distribute or sell any carry bag made of virgin or recycled or compos table plastic which is less than 40 Microns in thickness (Rule5(c)).
Each plastic carry bag and multi layered packaging shall have the following information printed in English or in local language
Name , registration No. of the manufacturer and thickness in case of carry bag
Recycled bags shall bear the label or a mark recycled confirming to Indian standard IS 14534:1998,
Retainers shall ensure that plastic carry bags and multilayred packaging sold by them are properly labelled as per the stipulations under these rules.
Grant of registration :
Any person manufacturing or proposing to manufacture carry bags and multi layered plastic shall apply to the State pollution control board for the grant of registration or the renewal of registration for manufacturing unit using form 1 appended to these rules (9(a))
Any person recycling or proposing to recycle carry bags or multi layered plastic or any plastic waste shall apply to the SPCB , prior to the commencement of production:
The SPCB shal not register or renew a registration for manufacturing or recycling units unless the unit possesses a valid consent letter under the water (Prevention and control of Pollution ) act 1974 and the Air (prevention and control of pollution) act 1981 and certificate of registration issued by the District industries centre or any other government agency authorized in the regard : (Rule 9(d)).
Source Karnataka State Pollution control Board.

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