US Visa interview questions in Kannada language for B1/B2 Visa

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US Visa interview questions in Kannada language for B1/B2 Visa:
I hope all of are familiar with the option of choosing our regional language like Kannada, Hindi,Urudu, Telugu,Bengali,Oriya,Pubjabi,Marathi,Malayalam where in the Consulate will arrange for transcriber to make the consulate understand the language into English.
Here are some of the Questions asked in the Visa Interview in Kannada Language which may be common for other languages too:
Father-in-law and Mother-in-law planning to visit their Daughter and Son-in law staying in USA
1. What is your occupation?
2. How many son/daughter you have? How many are married and unmarried?
3. Since How many years your son-in-law and daughter are in USA?
4. Do you know the place of residence of your daughter in USA?
5. Do you know the company name of your son-in-law?
6. Why do you wish to go to USA?

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