Single entrance for all Medical seats | SC order on single CET

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The Supreme Court on this Monday ordered that single entrance test would be held for MBBS and post graduate medical seats of government and private medical colleges.
Earlier, a panel set up by the health ministry to run the Medical Council of India ( MCI) had suggested that a common entrance exam would lessen the stress of the student.
Member of the panel Dr Devi Shetty had said that at present, a student wanting to study medicine has to appear for 10-15 examinations, which can be highly stressful to both the student and his family. A common entrance exam will allow a student to give his best shot at one go.

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  1. If two students perform equally in the CET, what would be next? Will the +2 marks will be considered in this situation? aggregate marks? or individual subject mark? There will be a no: of court cases in this regard & the admission will be doubt. Clearcut guide lines should be put forward in this regard.

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