Report any Grievances to Income Tax Ombudsman in Bangalore | Complain to Income tax Ombudsman online

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Complain to Income tax Ombudsman online:


Report any Grievances to Income Tax Ombudsman in Bangalore Now tax payers of Karnataka, Goa can bring their income tax related grievances to Income TAX Ombudsman Bangalore
Shri Pramod Kumar
A Block, 4th Floor, kendriya Sadan, Koramangala, Bangalore-560034
080-25538389, 25538628 or email
Related to
Delay in 
-Issue of refunds
-Disposing interest waiver petitions
-Giving Appeal effects
-Disposing rectification applications
-Allotment of PAN
-Release of seized books of accounts and assets
  • Non credit of tax paid, including tax deducted at source.
  • Non-acknowledgement of letters or documents sent to the Department
  • Any other matter where Government instructions and circulars in administrative matters have been violated


How to complain?
Make sure your complaint
-Is duly signed by you or your authorized representative , if any
-Includes your name, Address and name of office and official against whom the complaint is being lodged.
-Is supported by facts and documents on which the complaint is based.Specifies the relief sought from OMBUDSMAN
For online complaint the printout need to be signed and sent to Ombudsman.

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