New process to apply for DIN from 27th March 2011 | How to apply for DIN?

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New process to apply for DIN from 27th March 2011:
1.These rules may be called the companies (Director Indentification Number) Amendment rules, 2011.
2.This will be effective from 27th March 2011.
  • To Apply for Din number one need to download Form No. DIN-1 from the portal, fill in the required particular sought there in, scan and attach copies of the following documents, namely:-
b.Proof of identity
c.Proof of residence and
d.Verification by the applicant for applying form allotment of DIN in the format as specified in Annexture 1 enclosed to the rules.
  • The form can be digitally signed by a chartered Accountant or a company secretary or a cost and works Accountant holding a certificate of practice under the provisions of the chartered Accountants ACT , 1949, the company secretaries Act, 1980 and the cost and works Accountants Act, 1959 respectively.
  • The form can also be digitally signed by a company secretary in full time employment of the company or by the managing Director or Director of the company in which the applicant intends to be a director.
  • The e-form DIN-1 can also be digitally signed by the applicant by using his or her own digital signature certificate.
In case, where provisional DIN is allotted , the central Government, on examination. finds such application to be defective or incomplete in any respect, it shall give intimation of such defect or incompleteness noticed electronically, by placing it on the website and by email to the applicant or the person who has filed such application, directing him to rectify such defects or incompleteness by resubmitting the application with in a period of 15 days.
In the event, such defect or incompleteness has not been rectified or has been rectified partially or hasn’t been rectified to the satisfaction of the central Government, despite opportunity provided the central Government shall treat the application as Invalid application and such provisional DIN shall be lapsed.
Annexture -1
I …………………………………………………….. (name of the applicant) son.daughter of ………………………….. (applicant’s father name), born on …………… date of birth, resident of ……………………………….. (present address of the applicant) hereby confirm and verify that the particulars given in the form DIN-1 are true and correct and also are in agreement with the documents being attached to the form DIN-1.
I further confirm that
1.The photograph and documents being attached to the form DIN-1 belong to me. I further confirm that all required documents have been duly certified by the respective government authority and are being attached to the form DIN-1 and
2.I am not restrained / disqualified / removed of for being appointed as director of a company under the provisions of companies Act including section 203,274,284 and 388(E) of the said ACT and
3.I have not been declared as proclaimed offender by any economic offence court or judicial magistrate court or high court or any other court and
4.I haven’t been already allotted a DIN under section 266B of the companies ACT.

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