How to send ePost in India? | Charges for e-post

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How to send ePost in India?
e messages can also be sent to email ID(s) anywhere in the world. Booking can be done from both a Post Office or from customer’s computer at home or office.
The epost messages would be printed on A4 (8.27” x 11.69”) size paper. Therefore, the message booked should be in sheets of no more than A4 size. However, there is no limit on the number of pages that can be sent.
epost messages are treated on par with the unregistered letters under the Indian Post Office Act, 1898.
The current rates for the epost service are Rs. 10 per page per addressee.
With the launching of the epost by INDIA POST, email can now be sent and received by even the people living in remote areas, even without the sender or the addressee having access to computers or internet.
Besides making the benefits of internet available even to Indians living in remote areas, epost enables businessmen and professionals to advertise their products and services to select customers. They can send their publicity material even from their or home or office from their computers, without having to spend for printing of advertisements and then on posting or hand delivering them.
For availing the epost service, or to have further information, customers can approach the nearest post office or log on to

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