How to get 5 Star Energy rating of Bureau of Energy Efficiency ? | Star rating online filing process

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The Objectives of Standards &Labeling Program is to provide the consumer an informed choice about the energy saving ,and thereby the cost saving potential of the marketed household and other equipment.This is expected to impact the energy savings in the medium and long run while at the same time it will position domestic industry to compete in such markets where norms for energy efficiency are mandatory.

How to get Energy star rating of Bureau of Energy Efficiency?

  • Agencies must register themselves on the BEE &Login to Portal for E-Filing the application.
  • Registration page where we ask few basic information. (In case of SSI, upload of SSI certificate)
  • A UserID and Password is automatically generated by portal. This UserID and password must be used only by authorized people of the Company.
  • Each Agency in the portal is provided it’s own home page. This home page serves as information gateway for all its interactions with BEE
  • It contains links for
    – Prepare Your Application
    – Complete Your Application
    – Modify Prepared Application
    – Submit Prepared Application
    – Withdraw Equipments
    – Upload Quarterly Production Data
    – Register For More Equipments
    – Payment of Labeling Fee
  • Application E-Filing is done in two steps

Manufacturer prepares the application. Here he fills up the two page application. After filling up (which involves filling up form fields as well as document upload), he saves the application. At this point application has just prepared. It means it has just been saved on the BEE Server. Any changes if required can be done here in the application.

Now on the second step – The agency can modify its application if he/she wishes to do that.

It can submit the application. One the application has been submitted it cannot be modified. When the application is submitted an online receipt will be generated. This receipt can be kept/printed by agency for record. Agency here can take a printout of submitted application for sending to BEE. Every application will get an applicationID.

To Register for Star Energy rating for your equipment click here


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