Recommendation from committee of highways ministry on Fine for traffic violation | Traffic fine may go up

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Recommendation from committee of highways ministry on Fine for traffic violation:
Jumping a traffic light or using cellphone or any other communication device that distract the attention of drivers could attract a fine of Rs 1,000 each,as per the recommendation made by the committee set up by the highways ministry.
The panel,which reviewed the existing Motor Vehicles Act,has recommended incorporation of stringent punitive provisions and heavy fine against traffic rule violators.
The ministry will review the recommendations and take a decision soon as to whether we need a new Motor Vehicles Act, transport minister C P Joshi said after a copy of the report was submitted to him on Wednesday.
In its report,the committee headed by former road transport secretary S Sunder has suggested overhauling the existing Act to lessen road accidents.It has mooted penalty and imprisonment for drink driving which could range between a six-month jail term and Rs 2,000 fine,and a year in prison and Rs 10,000 fine,based on the level of alcohol found in the bloodstream of drivers.
The committee has recommended a point system for cognizable offences,and the driver would lose licence if he or she accumulates 12 points.It has proposed maximum punitive points for rash driving or speeding while in an inebriated state.
At any point,if the cumulative total of the point accrued by a driver crosses the limit of 12 points,the driving licence will be suspended for a year.If a driver,whose licence has been suspended,again accumulates 12 points,his licence shall be cancelled for five years, the committee has recommended

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