Questions and answers on RR number submission for Gas connection | Submit RR number online

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In continuation with my earlier posting on RR Number copy for Gas connections these are the some of the FAQ’s as published in the department’s website which clarified many of our reader’s doubts and questions.

1. I am staying in a rented house, so electric bill is not in my name. Which RR # should I submit ?

Whether you are staying in your own house, rented house or leased house or employer given quarters or relative’s house., you have to give RR# of the electric meter through which you are getting electric supply to your house.

2. I am staying in one of the rented house of the same owner who rented few more houses and all houses have a common single electric meter, should I give the same meter number ?

Yes. All consumers have to provide same RR# of the meter.

3. My electricity bill is not in my name should I give the same number ?

Yes. Give the RR# of the electric meter which supplies eletricity to your house.

4. I have more than one meter in my own house which number is to be submitted ?

The number of the meter through which you are getting domestic electricity to your house should be submitted

5. Along with meter RR# what else I should enter ?

You should compulsarily enter “ area code ” a seven digit number mentioned in your electricity bill.

6. The LPG connection which we use is not in my name, whose name I should enter ?

You should enter the consumer name which is mentioned in your LPG consumer book or bill.

7. The LPG connection which we use is not in my name? example it is in my brother/ sister/ etc who is not staying here with us.
Mention the same consumer name as mentioned in the LPG consumer book along with the consumer number.

8. I have two LPG connections, what should I do?

Declare both connections separately one after the other and give same RR# and ration card number for every entry.

9. My LPG is in my wife’s name, and my electricity bill is in my building owner’s name as I am in a rented house, what shall I do ?

Enter the RR# number of your house and your wife’ name as consumer name.

10. I have an extra LPG connection but I am not using it frequently should I declare it ?

Yes, declare it separately along with your same RR# and ration card number.

11. I do not have a ration card what should I do ?

Enter ‘nil’ in the ration card number column and continue with the RR# only.

12. My ration card is an old and not renewed, should I enter it ?

Yes, enter the number of your family ration card even if it is not renewed or even if its address is changed, or the name of the head of the family is changed.

13. I have a temporary ration card, should I enter the same ?

Yes, if you are having any kind of card like APL, BPL, temporary, honorary or book type card you should declare its number compulsorily.

14. My ration card is in my earlier address where as now I am staying in a new location what should I do ?

Enter the same ration card number but enter the RR# of the present house where you are staying now.

15.What to do if the computer system says that my consumer number does not exist in Oil Company Master?

Please don’t worry. Yours may be  a  new connection or transferred from one place/distributor to other one.  Please  upload your details on the web-site. On the screen you may get the message “suspended” or “you have not uploaded all the details”. The department is collecting latest consumer details from the Oil Company. Then this message will disappear. Please bear with us.

16.I am not able to upload the ESCOM bill or LPG bill?

Please check the size of the scanned file and file type. It should be less than 200 KB of pdf or jpeg file type. If the file size is more, you can reduce it with lower resolution of  scanning or folding the electricity bill to show only the top portion.

17.I am not able to get my distributor name in the web-site?

If you have wrongly clicked the oil company name or district name, you may not get the distributor name. So, please check the correctness of the oil company name and district you have selected.  You should select the  district  in which  your distributor’s office is located.

18.After uploading the details,  will my LPG connection restored?

Yes, if the connection is  found lawful.   The uploaded details will be verified on the system by the department, to ensure that it is lawful. This process takes 3-4 days after you upload your documents.

19.Why my LPG connection is being shown as “suspended”?

Your LPG Connection would have been  shown as  “suspended” may be because your Electricity  meter  RR  number given  along with  your LPG Consumer  number might not have been entered along with  for your consumer number or may not exist in the RR Master of ESCOM or it may be a Commercial/industrial type.

20.What should I do if my LPG connection is being shown as suspended?

If the system says your consumer number is suspended, please see the reason and check the RR  number. If there is no RR  number or  the  RR  number is wrong, you may have to upload the particulars into the web-site for further processing and acceptance  by the department. If the number is not in the ESCOM RR master, then please wait for a few days.  Such cases are taken up with the ESCOMs

21.Why my LPG connection is being shown as “under verification”?

Such a thing happens if the same electricity RR number is given with more than one LPG consumer number. If not yourself, some one else might have given your RR number intentionally or unintentionally. If it is due to some one else R.R. Number being wrongly entered, then the note will automatically disappear when the other consumer’s R.R number is set right. Remaining cases will be inspected and verified by the department
inspector.  If found lawful the multiple claims will be accepted. Otherwise unlawful connections will be cancelled.
22.What should I do if my LPG connection is being shown as under verification?
You need not have to worry if the electricity RR  number  shown is correct. The department officer will inspect the premises and process such cases. Please check your status after a few days.
23.Even after uploading the details, my connection is shown as ‘suspended’
Not to worry. The uploaded particulars are being checked for correction on the system by the department officials.  If found correct, the same will be  accepted. This process will  take at least 3-4 days. Till that time, the system shows your connection  as “suspended”. Hence please wait for few days after uploading the details.
24.How do I come to know that my uploaded request is processed?
You can check up the web-site after 3-4 days to ascertain the status.  When the correction is carried out you may also get an SMS from the system, if you had given your mobile number while uploading the details.
25.Can I submit the RR details to  Food & Civil Supplies department  office without uploading? If yes, where and how?
Yes you can visit the nearest office of a Deputy Director of Food and Civil Supplies or the Taluk office and submit your documents and collect an acknowledgement.
26.What should I do if I do not have electricity connection or electricity meter?
If you don’t have the Electricity connection or electricity meter from ESCOM, please mention so in   the department web-site or  give it in writing to concerned officer in the taluk office or Deputy Director’s office.
27.I am getting electricity power supply to the house I am living  from my company/ organization and I do not have electricity RR number of ESCOM. What should I do?
If  the  company  or organization  for which you are working is supplying power to the house you are living, then please write the same on a plain paper and give it to the food department or upload to the department web-site.
28.Now, after processing my uploaded request by department,  my LPG connection is shown as continued on department web-site. But the distributor/agency is refusing to supply cylinder. What should I do?
You can ask the distributor to check up the status of your connection on the web-site and provide the cylinder. The department has already directed the distributors to verify the status on the web-site and supply cylinders, in cases where the connection had been suspended earlier.


In case of problem, please contact toll free no. 1800-425-9339


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  1. Hi

    Pls note currently i have bharat gas connection at koramangala (but my home is at ejipura), i have shifted recently.. but am getting the gas at the koramangala address.. The Koramangala address has a commercial electricity connection, can i submit ejipura home's electricity RR#, Kindly inform

  2. Hi,
    I have a bharat gas connection which I had taken in andheri west, mumbai on my sister's name but now I want to change it to my name as she's getting married. I want to know what is the procedure and charges to change the name and transfer the same connection in the same city. The place is so close to my previous address.


  3. Hi, I have an HP connection, but I dont have a ration card and i am staying in a rented house… though i had given the RR number in february, the status update in the department website says i hadnt and my connection is suspended..what do i do now?

  4. Hi,
    I am staying in the quarters provided to me from the employer where we have a common electricity bill(hence RR No.)
    Now i am not staying at my residence where i have the ration card details of my whole family.
    As per the notice i have submitted my original Ration Card (since i don't have it in my present residence) and the common RR No. along with the details of my LPG connection.
    Now it is shown that my Connection is suspended as well as my ration card is suspended.
    Kindly let me know what could be done to make my LPG connection Proper one. SInce i have submitted all the documents they had asked for it, i don't know what to do?
    Any one kindly help!!!!

  5. Hi,
    Just now i checked my LPG connection status which i got in 2005 and found it is disconnected.
    I am staying in same rented house for 6last years. But the owner gives the seperate electricity bill for my connection which i pay.
    I don't have a local ration card as i am from WB and also the house rent agreement is out of date as we are staying long in the same house.

    Please advice me what needs to be done.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks for your kind reply. Can you tell me which document I need to submit? Will electricity bill's RR number will alone do?
    I checked the online RR submission form and found there are fields for Ration Card number also!!
    If I don't put the Ration Card number, will it be ok?

  7. If i upload again my RR Number to recify the mistake,Will it update my wrong RR Number.

    If i update my correct RR Number will the status Show Verification Required .

  8. Hello
    I have submitted the details both online and physically also to the concerned agency. Now I am getting the following message in the website.

    The Electr. RR No for the LPG Connection is under verification as more than one LPG
    Connection is linked with this RR Number.

    My inderstanding is that because I have submitted the same details twice(physically and through website), it has considered two LPG connections(both are in my name and having same consumer number)for the same RR number.

    Please give your sound advise regarding this

  9. Hi,
    Gas geysers are more economical than electrical geysers. Also power cuts do not affect them. However an extra gas connection is required since it is not

    possible to use a common gas pipe between the geyser and the stove when the kitchen and bathroom are far away. Also one cannot use one cylinder each for the

    stove and geyser separately. Then when any cylinder is over, we will have a problem until the next delivery takes place. Hence, the dealers themselves

    suggested that buyers can take additional connection for their gas geyser. There are a few thousand such genuine domestic users. Unfortunately, now they have

    two connections in the same name, address and RR No. In most cases one connection is suspended. If the connection is terminated, these gas geysers will

    become a costly waste. Commercial gas is too costly and uneconomical. Further, we will have to repalce them with costly electrical or solar geysers. Please

    suggest how to solve this problem. Whom should we contact?


  10. The said link & site of food supplies is not working for days.
    govt wants people to upload doc or wants people to stand in q in front of the gas distributors?.

  11. Right now i have 2 gas cylinders from Bharath Gas. I need one more cylinder as the number of family members have increased in my house and we constantly run out of gas before the empty cylinder is refilled. Can I get one more cylinder from the same gas dealers or should i apply for a new connection from another dealer?

  12. I have a gas connection at my residence in Assam. Recently I acquired a residential flat at Delhi. Can I apply for a new gas connection for Delhi without surrendering the connection in Assam? My family is staying atDelhi while I am staying in Assam.

  13. I Want to change the LPG connection from my mother name to my name bze my mother is no more.what is the formalities i want to do with the agent?kindly tell me

  14. Hello
    I have submitted the details to the concerned agency on 24th of feb. but still my LPG connection is suspended.What should i do?

  15. When we shifted in the year 2010 from Koppa to mangalore we got our Indane gas connection transferred to the new address by providing rental agreement copy. Now the owner is creating a problem that how did we take the connection without her consent as she wants to take a new connection? How is this possible? We changed so many houses never had this kind of problem from any owners. What should we do?

  16. There is a requirement of a electricity bill copy for recongnizing the multiple connection in same house. If you are staying in rented house you can use your house electricity bill and owner can use their house electricity bill to avail the connection

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