RR number of your electricity bill must for your Gas connection | One Gas Connection per one house

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If you are APL card holder,submit four copies of your card with your address and consumer number.Drop it off at your LPG gas providers office.For others,drop off a copy of your electricity bill (with the RR Number) along with your consumer number.
Government is focusing on these people, who have multiple connections and fit cylinders in their car or autos.We will be able to get at least five lakh illegal connection from such people alone.These gas cylinders are subsidised to a large extent by the government and therefore everybody should get them.
The rule of the Gas connection is simple one house one connection not more than one registered connection like one in your mother’s name and one in Son’s name.This doesn’t mean you cannot have double cylinder from one provider you can have double cylinder legally.
This is just to track down on multiple connection for one house.

Upload your  RR number and Ration card online


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