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Apply for Importer Exporter Code online:
All these day we need to apply for IEC in hard copy form with all cumbersome formalities.. as a new year gift DGFT has made provision to apply for Importer Exporter Code online.
Subject:- Provision of additional facility for filing Importer Exporter Code (IEC) applications “on-line”.
DGFT is introducing additional facility on DGFT’s website ( ) for enabling members of trade to file their IEC applications ‘on-line” with effect from 1.1.2011.
2. Presently, the applications for obtaining an IEC are filed manually with the concerned Regional Authority of DGFT. The applications are filed in hard copy in the prescribed proforma with stipulated documents.
3. The additional facility of filing “on-line” application for obtaining IEC will reduce the transaction cost and time for the applicant, would ensure easy, flexible filing of application and reduce human interface and paper work in the process.
4. The existing system of filing the IEC application manually would simultaneously continue till further orders i.e. the applicant will have an option to prefer his application either manually or “on-line” as per his/her convenience.
5. The following guidelines and procedures are stipulated for the “on-line” system of filing, processing and issuance of IEC:-
(i) The applicant may file the IEC application for “on-line” through the link available on the DGFT’s website.
(ii) The fee in case “on-line” application for IEC has to be paid through Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) mode only. The EFT link with necessary guidance for making payment through EFT is already available on DGFT’s website.
(iii) The prescribed documents, i.e. the Bank certificate, PAN copy and photograph, are to be scanned and attached with the ‘on-line’ application. Any other relevant documents for example Authority letter in respect of authorized representative, should be attached in the ‘pdf’ format.
(iv) Physical copy of application is not required to be submitted to the concerned Regional Authority(RA) in case of “on-line” applications.
(v) The status of IEC “on-line” application i.e. IEC number granted for accepted applications and deficiency in case of other approved applications will be available on DGFT’s website.
(vi) In case, an “on-line” application is found to be deficient and such deficiencies indicated ‘on-line’, additional information/documents against such deficiencies would need to be submitted physically (in hard copies) to the concerned RA.
(vii) The applicants are advised to be very careful while selecting jurisdictional RA for sending their applications, as selection of a wrong RA would require retransmission of application to the corrct destination and it is likely to cause delay in processing.
(vii) Comprehensive guidelines regarding filing of “on-line” IEC applications are available on DGFT’s server under the IEC “on-line” Help Icon.
6. Members of Trade are encouraged to take advantage of the “on-line” facility for IEC application and RAs are requested to disseminate the information about the facility among the Trade.
(Rajiv Arora)
Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade.
(Issued from File No.01/02/150/AM-11/EDI)
1. Pre-requisite

1. A scanned or digital copy of valid Permanent Account Number (PAN). Image file should consist

of both side of PAN.

2. Scanned or digital photograph of applicant.

3. Scanned copy of Bank Certificate.

4. Scanned copy of PAN , applicant Photograph , Bank Certificate should in gif format. Exporters are advised to used the compressed version of gif formats.

5. Other mandatory documents as per the Para 2.9 of Handbook of Procedures of Vol I 2009-14.

These documents must be in pdf format only. Please refer to Appendix A.

6. Make sure that size of individual document requires to be submit online in gif /pdf format should not exceed 300 KB.

7. Exporter must have a Net banking account with one of the following designated banks










8. All date should be entered in DD.MM.YYYY format.


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  1. Dear Sir,
    I want to sell online to foreign buyers only.

    So i need to float a Firm with TIN, or IEC will solve the purpose, in my name.


  2. I have submitted an online application.

    Some deficiencies were noted
    Your Application has been found deficient due to following reasons

    Branch address proof not given. 2) Bank Postal address not given in ANF-2A form. 3) Bank Certificate addressed to Addl. DGFT. Mumbai. 4) PAN Card not visible. 5) Two envelope of Rs. 30/- (one for self address and one for Bank postal address)

    The above details are provisional and subject to change.

    Next day there is a new message which says
    "dl dispatched from Section"

    What does this new message mean. Am I supposed to send the hard copies of the documents.

    Thanks & Regards

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