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In recent years the quantity of false, misleading and offensive advertising has resulted in consumers having an increasing disbelief in advertising, and a growing resentment of it. Misleading, false advertising also constitutes unfair competition. It could lead to market-place disaster or even litigation. If this kind of advertising continues, it won’t be long before statutory regulations and procedures are imposed which make even fair, truthful, decent advertising cumbersome if not impossible. This certainly will affect your ability to compete and grow.
he Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) (1985) has adopted a Code for Self-Regulation in Advertising. It is a commitment to honest advertising and to fair competition in the market-place. It stands for the protection of the legitimate interests of consumers and all concerned with advertising – advertisers, media, advertising agencies and others who help in the creation or placement of advertisements. As the Code becomes increasingly accepted and observed pro-actively, three things will begin to happen.
1. Fewer false, misleading claims
2. Fewer unfair advertisements
3. Increasing respectability
Which, only means more freedom for you to practise your craft or carry on your business effectively. As a member of ASCI, you can mould the course of Self-Regulation and participate in the protection of healthy, effective advertising. You can have a say, through the Board of Governors, in the further development of the Code and future appointments to the Consumer Complaints Council (CCC). Membership of the ASCI (open only to Firms) entitles you to appoint your nominee to discharge your function as a member, including standing for election to the Board of Governors and voting at general meetings.
How to complain against Mis-leading application?
Online complaint form
Download hard copy and fill in this Form and send by e-mail to asci@vsnl.com or by post to the below mentioned address


Write to – Mr. Alan Collaco, Secretary General

The Advertising Standards Council of India,
219, Bombay Market,
78 Tardeo Road,
Mumbai 400 034
Tel: (022) 23521066/23516863,
Fax: 23516863,
E-mail: asci@vsnl.com

Note: As a policy identity of the Complainant will be maintained confidentail to the Advertiser.


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