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In continuation with my earlier posting on Auto harassment complaint online .. Here is a plan to add more supplies to come out of denying of routes by Auto-wala’s
Its a quick-fix solution with a serious long-term impact.The transport department and traffic police are mulling over reforms that could scale up the number of autorickshaws in the city from about 80,000 to 95,000.Their logic is simple,though debatable: youll have 15,000 more autos to choose from and thereby reduce your chances of being harassed by auto drivers.
Its based on the age-old principle of demand and supply,according to transport commissioner Bhaskar Rao.The power of permit makes the auto driver a ruler.We need more autorickshaws to reduce the nuisance.Liberalising the over-regulated permits will no doubt increase their numbers on road but the good part is that it will also increase options for the commuting public.Auto drivers will have to oblige then, he said.
The idea was proposed during the TOI Bangalore Patrol meet on Sunday,in the context of peoples complaints about auto drivers demanding excess fares and refusing to ply.Rao feels no helpline to curb the menace would be effective unless there is an increase in supply.The system has many anti-social elements.The common man is a victim,so are auto drivers.They also face demands of other sorts, he added.
The downside,of course,is that with so many more autos traffic congestion could only get worse,not to forget the adverse impact on the environment.And as RWA member N Mukunda points out,Not only will more autos lead to more congestion,it will also lead to more competition among auto drivers.Instead,we should look at other alternatives of public transport like a private player to take on BMTC.In certain localities,we need autos,but not in the heart of the city.It is too early to do it,we have to see the impact of the Metro.
2 lakh auto drivers 22 auto driver unions 2.2 million people use autos every day 10-15 complaints to transport dept every day 1,950 staffers in transport dept for 90 lakh vehicles (in 1992,there were 2,500 persons for 14 lakh vehicles across Karnataka)

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