Advertising guideline for Educational institutions | Advertising guideline for Educational institutions by ASCI

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Advertising guideline for Educational institutions
Educational Institutions such as Universities, Colleges, Schools , Coaching Classes etc. which offer programs of education and training play a vital role in building the intellectual capital of India. Parents place a very high value on the education of their children and are known to make great personal sacrifices to enable their children to get the right education. Unlike a tangible product where it is frequently possible to judge the value of what is being offered by inspection and demonstration, in the field of education and training the value of a program is judged mainly by means such as degrees, diplomas and other qualification nomenclatures, recognition, affiliations, testimonials, accreditations, admissions/job/ compensation promises – of which the variety being advertised are many. A significant amount of advertising activity is currently happening reflecting the vast variety of educational programs which are being offered.
Further to complying with the general rules of The ASCI’s Code for Self – Regulation in Advertising, the Advertisements of Educational Institutions and Programs shall comply with the following Guidelines:
1. The Advertisement shall not state or lead the public to believe that an institution or course or program is official, recognized, authorized, accredited, approved, registered, affiliated, endorsed or has a legal defined situation, unless the advertiser is able to substantiate with evidence.
2a) Advertisement offering a Degree or Diploma or Certificate which by law requires to be recognised or approved by an Authority shall have the name of that Authority specified for that particular field
2b) In case the advertised Institution or Program is not recognized or approved by any mandatory Authority, but is affiliated to another Institution which is approved or recognized by a mandatory Authority, then the full name and location of the said Affiliating Institution shall also be stated in the Advertisement
2c) The name of the Affiliating Institution, as indicated in 2b, shall not be less than 50% of the font size as that of the Advertised Institution or Program in visual media such as print, internet, hoarding, leaflet, prospectus etc, including television. In audio media such as radio or TV the name of the Affiliating institution (if applicable), must be stated.
3. Advertisement shall not state or lead the public to believe that enrolment in the institution or program or preparation course or coaching classes will provide the student a temporary or permanent job, admissions to institutions, job promotions, salary increase etc unless the advertiser is able to submit substantiation to such effect and also assume full responsibility thereof in the same advertisement.
4a) Advertisement shall not make claims regarding extent of the passing batch placed, highest or average compensation of the students placed, enrolment of students, admissions of students to renowned educational institutes, marks and ranking of students passed out, testimonial of topper students, institution’s or its program’s competitive ranking, size and qualification of its faculty, affiliation with a foreign institution, Institute’s infrastructure, etc unless they are of the latest completed academic year and substantiated with evidence.
4b) Advertisement stating competitive rank of the institution or its program shall also provide full name and date of the publication or medium which released the rankings
4c) Visual of Infrastructure of the Institution shown in Advertisement shall be real and existing at the time of ad’s release
4d) Testimonial of toppers in an Advertisement shall be from students who have participated in testmonied program, exams or subject only from the advertising institute.
4e) Advertisement stating number of passing out students placed for jobs shall also state total number of students passing out from the placed class.
Source:ASCI website

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