Smoking menance | No smoking in public place | Toll free number to curb Smoking menance

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Now a days smoking menace in spite of display of board in all public places smokers are taking life of non-smoker for a ride. This should be stopped and public has to be aware for stingent implementation of the same. If one raise voice against smokers they will become concious as it is our right to enjoy clear Air.

Public smoking banned :

  • Second hand smoke is when a person is exposed to smoke from cigarettes,bidis and hookah etc.. smoked by another person. SHS is very harmful to health.
  • SHS smoke contains more than 4000 chemicals like Arsenic,benzene,carbon monoxide etc which will cause cancer
  • There is no safe level of exposure to SHS
  • IT increases the risk of Heart disease and lung cancer among non smokers.
  • It increases the risk of asthma,acute and chronic respiratory illness, sudden infant death syndrome and middle ear disease among children.
Section 4 of the Cigarettes and other Tobacco Products Act 2003 prohibits smoking in all public places including public offices, educational institute, hospitals,Court halls,Railway station,Railway waiting room,hotels,stadium,Bus stops,Public transport and other similar public places.


Every public place and work place should prominently display the board to inform general public not to smoke in those premises. In addition to this signage board containing name of the person to whom a complaint may be made should be displayed.

Penalty for smoking in public places: Any person found smoking at public places will be liable to pay a fine up to Rs.200.00

If any one found such violations contact Toll free no.


You have the right to breath in clean fresh and smoke-free air Demand it.


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  1. such kind of smoking is currently doing by so many people opposite IBM trade center, Yerwada, Pune, which is public place. Please do some strict action to stop it.

  2. well, I am looking for the same solution, but i guess Govt Staff may never get caught while smoking in offices …right infront of Big No Smoking signs. Well, is it just a show-off … does anyone have a answer to all this ?.
    Even I am looking forward for the solution, you may mail me to

  3. government is not checking this smoking at all..cigarettes,bidi etc are easily available near schools and near bhagwan mahavir institute of engg. and tech. vill. raipur

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