Salient features of Karnataka semi conductor policy 2010 | How set-up Semi-conductor company in Karnataka

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Salient features of Karnataka semi conductor policy 2010
1. To encourage setting up of semi conductor units in titer -2 cities other than Mysore, Mangalore, Hubli an incentive of investment promotion subsidy would be provided in accordance with the Karnataka Industrial policy 2009-14.
2. Goverment of Karnataka would provide additional amount of Rs.25 crores towards 26% contribution to the KITVEN IT fund for raining funds from the market to assist start up semi-conductor units engages in design and emended software.
3. Goverment of Karnataka would provide financial assistance firms for filling IP in accordance with the incentive provided in the industrial policy 2009-2014.
4. Gok will provide assistance of 50% of the total cost towards purchase of proposed equipment, for augmenting the orchid tech space in STPI to a characterization lab. The remaining funds would come from the industry or mobilized through PPP business model. This lab will be a one stop solution for hi-tec facilities and will spur the growth of R&D in future technology without financial burden to budding entrepreneurs.
5. ATMP units will be encouraged with special incentives in the proposed ITIR near BIAL.
6. To encourage setting up of ATMPS in the state, Government of Karnataka would provide incentives to units set up in the state by lowering the threshold for ATMPS. / Eco-system units with investment above Rs.400 crores and up to Rs.1000 crore. Incentives would be provided on a case to case basis approach on specific employment potential.
7.As a policy support to encourage innovation and R &D in chip design , product development telecom etc., Government will set-up a fund known as ” Karnataka fund of semi conductor excellence “of Rs.10 crores. The fund will be available to the private companies covering upto 50% of their R&D expenses, subject to a limit of Rs.10 lakhs per unit. This financial assistance would be subject to repayment of 10% of the profit (After tax) annually for a period of 10 years. Preference would be given to fresh engineering graduates by identifying talents through projects submitted in the college and startup companies.
8. Government to set-up a focused school under IIIT at a cost of Rs.10 crores and strengthen the research labs in the institute at a cost of Rs,5 crores, with a contribution of 25% from the industry.
9. Fiscal incentives would be provided to semiconductor units as per Karnataka industrial policy 2009-2014 (incentive to units located in Zone 4 would be as applicable to Zone 3)

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