Road humps are A Pain in the Neck? | Road humps need to be scientific

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I happen to read times of india an article about road humps causing pain in the back but in reality it will have more impact on neck….
Most of the humps in Bangalore city is unscientifc and with no signal about road humps ahead nor any lights or paints to indicate as to there is a hump to make our vehicle slow.
Road humps do not lead to spondylitis directly,but are one of the major contributing factors.They strengthen the probability,especially when humps are not designed scientifically.There are international standards for construction of humps,which might not be followed here.In a year,I treat around 10 patients suffering from acute spondylitis,which itself reflects the bad scenario.There is a large working population in the city travelling on two-wheelers on bad roads.In addition,there are issues of bad posture and lack of exercise.Five years ago,we saw spondylitis only in those who had crossed 40 years,but now it is prevalent in those in their 20s,which is dangerous, observes Dr Arjun Srivatsa,consultant spine and neuro surgeon at Colombia Asia hospital
Road humps are no longer just bulges of tar that create undulations on the surface of the road.They can injure your spine,sometimes beyond repair.
For many who travel on two-wheelers or buses on the Bangalres bumpy roads,spinal injuries could soon be a cause for worry.The citys spine surgeons are seeing a sharp increase in the number of youngsters with complaints of back pain,and the age group varies from 20 to 45 years.
Says Dr Joseph Pasangha,who heads the department of physical medicine and rehabilitation in Fortis Hospital,I travel from Bannerghatta to Marathalli every day a stretch of 7-8 km that has not less than 20 road humps which are unscientifically designed.Such humps can create havoc in the functioning of the spine as it precipitates pain in the neck and back.I treat many patients but actually need treatment myself.
According to him,it is not the distance we travel which matters but the time spent on travel,that largely contributes to ill-health as the posture remains the same throughout the journey .
Two-wheelers and autorickshaws have poor shock absorbers that hurt the lower back of both the driver and pillion,when the wheel comes across either a depression or slightly bulging surface.Potholes and road humps contribute to spinal injuries, said Dr Pitwa.

The load on the spine is the maximum in the sitting position,lesser in the standing position and least in sleeping posture.

Goverment needs to implement a policy for laying of scientific humps and removing of all unscientific humps which will help two wheelers and four wheeler to drive with adequate precaution. Most of the important aspect would be indicating as to there is a hump or else some time it may cause risk to one’s life itself.
Painting of humps and lights at night will be a welcoming move need to be incorporated in all the places.
We have many incidents which took life of the two wheeler driver’s itself.

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