Toll free emergeny service in karnataka -108 | Dial 108 for free service in karnataka

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What is 1-0-8?

i. 108 is three digit toll free number to call to get help in a medical, police or free emergency.

ii. 108 is a 24×7 free service for emergency.

iii. 108 is assessable from a land line, mobile or a fixed line without a prefix or suffix.

What does 1-0-8 do?


A 108 call will connect you to a trained professional who will answer your call, ask you to describe your emergency situation and route the necessary emergency personal to your location to assist you.

i. When should I call 1-0-8?

i. You should call 108 when there is a serious ‘people’ emergency

ii. When there is a REAL need for one of the following.

i. Some one is seriously injured, ill or unconscious, you need an EMERGENCTY MEDICAL SERVICE and AMBULANCE.

ii. There is a crime happening and you need the POLICE

iii. There is a fire and you need FIREFIGHTERS

iv. Any other times when an emergency response is required for medical, law enforcement and fire

ii. What happens when I call 108?

. Basic information gathering

. When you call 108, you are connected to a trained call-taker, who gathers the necessary information by asking you a few basic questions, like

i. Where are you calling from(the location and landmark)

ii. The type of emergency

iii. Number of people injured and the condition of the injured

iv. Caller’s name and contact number – for location guidance if required

i. Dispatch of the emergency help

. The necessary help either in the form of emergency service – ambulance, police or firefighters would be dispatched

i. The dispatcher can ask you additional questions such as specific question relating to the medical problem a patient is having. These questions are asked in order to provide the ambulance crew a clear concise picture as what is occurring at the scene. This DOES NOT delay the ambulance would be on the way while you are on the phone.

ii. Help would reach you in a average time of 20 minutes.

iii. When not to call 1-0-8?

. If there is no ‘serious people emergency

i. It is not a number of enquiry or information gathering

ii. Do not play around by dialing 108 as a joke, otherwise a call in a real emergency could be in queue and a life could be lost

iii. If you happen to call 108 by accident, then do not hang up until the officer ask you to do so

iv. Types of emergency attend to by 1-0-8

. Medical emergencies

. Injuries

i. Cardiac

ii. Stroke

iii. Respiratory problems

iv. Diabetics

v. Maternal/neonatal

vi. Epilepsy

vii. Unconsciousness

viii. Animal bite

ix. Burns

x. Fever

xi. Infections

i. Police emergencies

. Crime

i. Theft

ii. Fights

iii. Robbery in progress

iv. Bodily offences

ii. Fire emergencies

. Burns


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