Ayurvedic medicine for Throat infection | Herbal Cure for throat infection for ever

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Many of us in major cities will be suffering from throat infection which may be due to oil contamination, food poison , cold etc… but this throat infection can turn to disaster if you ignore and finally end up taking heavy dose anti-biotic which will not only cure your throat infection but also add so many side effects.
Throat is an area which is highly sensitive and any small irritation will lead to lot of trouble in leading your life. You will observe fever followed by soar throat.
I happen to under go this and finally recovered from a dose of highest Anti-biotic costing around Rs.600.00 with list of other drug to cure the infection. I was damn tired and took break for one week to come out of the same. Later started with mouth ulcer for which i took vitamin tablets for next one week to come out.
This is not an end again after 20 days I had some chats outside there started my throat infection again with high fever ranging between 102 to 104 degree C. Again went to doctor and showed them and they given me one more round of anti-biotic. Finally one of my close friend who under went this kind of problem suggested me to try   “Himalaya’s Septilin”
I have purchased the same and started using the same. The result is mind blowing it not only cures the throat infection but also provides immunity to fight against throat infection. Now I am perfect without any throat problem.
Septilin is a great Ayurvedic drug free from side effects.

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