Traffic violation tracking in Bangalore | pay Traffic fine online | Before purchasing used vehicle check here

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In this Bangalore city where in traffic congestion is a common problem we do have traffic violators and paid fine for the same. All over the city traffic signals are equipped with CC camera to track the violation of signal jumping, entering to No-entry area etc…
If you have violated any Traffic rules in Bangalore City & if a case has been registered on your vehicle. You can check those details in the below link. If you have not paid the fine the same thing will get accumulated online.
Using the link given below one can also pay the fine online using credit card.

Enter your vehicle number and see the cases booked against you.


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  1. i wanted to check how much fine i have paid till now n din find any database for public to keep a track of paid fine any alternate site?

  2. HI Sir,

    I lost my two wheeler in infrent of my home.
    some body stolen, how can i fined-out and I gave complaint to near our station and FIR also there.

    suppose vehicle coat from police.

    is there any option to find out from this sight.

  3. Please give one option in this sight, if some body stolen or find out from police.

    if we entered our vehicle no.s, it shout show your vehicle coat. and also show police station address. it is so sufficient for public.

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