Error in registering Digital signature in MCA site | Fix for digital signature selection in MCA site

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If you are getting this message while registering digital signature in Ministry of company affiairs site / MCA site as “Certificate cannot be verified up to a trusted certification authority? ” and it is not allowing you to select any digital ceriticate? There is a fix for the same.

Change the settings of your browser to the following:


>> In the Security tab ->Select Internet -> Click on Custom level Button

>> In the “Security Settings” window, please tick enabled in the following options:

Download signed ActiveX controls -> Set as Enable

Download unsigned ActiveX controls -> Set as Enable

Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe -> Set as Enable

Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins-> Set as Enable

Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting -> Set as Enable

Press OK button and close all the windows and also Internet

After this goto Advanced Tab and under security following options are unchecked.


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