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One can can view tax credit statement (Form 26AS) without registering at NSDL through www.incometaxindiae in .New facility added in “My Account” for registered E-filers to View the Tax Credit Statement (Form 26AS) to verify if the tax payments made by you or TDS deducted from salary or interest etc are correctly reported to the Department.

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  1. Contact the number given below..

    TIN Call Centre (TCC)
    National Securities Depository Limited
    3rd Floor, Sapphire Chambers
    Near Baner Telephone Exchange
    Baner, Pune – 411 045.
    Tel: 020 – 2721 8080
    Fax: 020 – 2721 8081

  2. In that case you need to contact your deductor it will be a problem if you claim as TDS and not showing in your statment. You will get notice from IT department

  3. I am a retired Sr.Citizen person.
    I have filled IT return for FY 2008-09 on line and for FY 2009-10 & 2010-11 in paper form.
    I have not received refund for any FY till date. My tax deductor ( State Bank of India) have issues me form 16A for the above years without PAN.
    While checking 26AS on this website it is not showing for any FY.
    To whom I have to contact and who is the responsible for this ?
    Please reply me.

  4. @AnonymousDear Patil
    You have to contact your banker who are the deductor of TDS with form 16a issued and copy of 26AS as shown online and seek rectification in your record, later you can approach Income tax department for refund pending

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