Cheque Alteration not allowed from July 1st 2010 | New RBI circular on Cheque

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Cheque Alteration not allowed from Decemeber 1st 2010

Every one must be careful while writting cheque or receiving altered cheque as they might be returned from your Banker effective from July 1st 2010.

Banks have received RBI guidelines by virtue of which they are supposed to prohibit alterations / corrections on the cheque leaf. The details are as follows:
RBI Circular – DPSS/CO/CHD/ No. 1832/01.07.05/ 2009-10 dated 22nd February 2010 states that no changes / corrections should be carried out on the cheques (other than for date validation purposes, if required). For any change in the payee’s name, courtesy amount (amount in figures) or legal amount (amount in words), etc., fresh cheque forms should be used by customers. This would help banks to identify and control fraudulent alterations.
Based on the above guidelines branch / clearing teams can return cheques which have any alteration in the
» Payee Name
» Amount in numbers
» Amount in words
The only alteration which is allowed is the alteration in the date.
» The above change will be incorporated by change in the Terms and Conditions on the cheque book issued by Banks.
» Where available, customers should be informed through a message in the email as well as physical statement in April, May, June quarter
» Banks will start returning the cheques for cash payments across the counter and clearing cheques effective 1st July 2010.

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