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Heres another effort from the state government to bring in more accountability and transparency in its administration.
Young engineers need not spend sleepless nights in the US worrying if their ancestral property in their native village has been encroached.They can check the status of their property and its ownership online,by a software tool developed by the government.
The tool called Pancha Tantra (from the words Panchayat and Tantramsha,Kannada for software) has been developed by the department of panchayat raj and the National Informatics Centre.Using this,people can make online tax payments,give applications for licenses or file complaints.Acknowledgements can be collected for all these.The user friendly tool is available at http:// .It is in Kannada and English.
Pancha Tantra promises to plug leaks in GP administration,ensure proper use of funds and accountability.
Ministers or senior officials in the department can check if any official at any GP has misappropriated funds,diverted money or drawn more money than he or she should.
It is proving to be a game changer in Bagalkot where it is on a pilot run.
Officials here have uploaded all district-geographic,demographic,economic and administrative data.Operators also enter data relating to development works on a daily basis.This data can be accessed by any one,anytime.However,the second part of the tool is more important.Apart from making administration easy to officials at village levels,it provides complete online administrative control of the panchayats to senior officials in the district and state levels.Officials can access,monitor,regulate or control data on a daily basis using Pancha Tantra.
Sitting in Bagalkot,we track every rupee being collected from people and every rupee spent in the 163 panchayats, says ZP CEO G C Prakash.
Source: Times of india

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