Professional tax registration information | How to register for professional Tax | Who has to pay PT?

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I here with providing detailed information as to who has to enroll under Professional tax and those who have already enrolled which are the forms to be filed and maintained.

Registration under professional tax:

Who have to enroll for Professional tax?

• All persons viz self-employed professionals/ traders liable to pay tax under Karnataka tax on professions,trades callings and employments Act 1976 have to register within 30 days of commencement of profession, trade or callings

• All employers who are paying salary of Rs.10000.00 and above per month for each employees have to enroll within 30 days from the commencement of the payment of salary liable to pay profession tax, deduct and pay tax in respect of such employees every month.

Following are the persons liable to pay Annual tax up to maximum of Rs.2500.00 PA on professions, trades, callings and employments:

1. Salary/wage earners whose salary is Rs.10000.00 and above PM

2. Legal practioners including solicitors and notaries public

3. Tehcnical / professional /Tax /plumbing consultants.

4. All agents’ surveyors or UTI agents whose income is not less than Rs.36000.00 PA

5. Chartered accountants and Actuaries.

6. Medical practioners, Dentists, Radiologists, pathologists and para medial professionals.

7. Engineers, RCC consultants, Architects and Management consultants.

8. Members of stock exchanges.

9. Estate agents or Brokers.

10. Race horse owners, trainers

11. Film directors/distributors

12. Dealers registered under KST act 1957.

13. Employers of establishments defined under Karnataka shops and establishment act.

14. Licenced liquor dealers

15. Owners of Residential hotels or lodgings houses

16. Owners of cinema theatres, touring talkies, video parlors, MSO’s Dish antennas

17. Owners of Transport vehicles.

18. Money lenders licensed under KML act.

19. Individuals / instinututions conducting chit funds.

20. Co-operative societies registered under KCS Act.

21 Banking companies defined in the Banking regulation act.

22. Companies registered under Companies Act 1956.

23. Partners of a firms engaged in any profession, trade or calling

24. Photo/film processing labs

25. Nursing homes, hospitals

26. Beauty parlors, drycleaners, interior decorators

27. All travel agents.

28. Journalists

29. Advertizing agencies

30. Xerox centers, STD/ISD booths

31. Video cassette libraries.

32. Owners of kalyan mantaps.

33. Cinematograph film processors.

34. Transport contractors forwarding / clearing agents.

35. Bankers who are financing the trade against hundies

36. Persons running weigh Bridges.

37. Persons operating couriers services.

38. Persons operating wireless/pager services.

39. Persons engaged in placement services.

40. Private radio broadcasters and operators.

41. Yoga and reiki training centers.

42. Astrologers, astropalmist, numerologist and faith healers

43. Brokers, commission Agents and the like for purchase and sale of used vehicles.

44. Agents, consultants of any business enterprises.

45. Persons other than above, who are engaged in any profession, trade, calling or employment and who are paying tax under Income Tax act. 1961.

Failure to enroll or register within due date attracts penalty.

All registered employers are informed to file Annual return in form 5 for the financial year 2009-10 on or before 30th May 2010

Information obtained from Commercial tax advertisement.


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  1. Chinnamal Palanisamy on

    Dear Sir,

    We Are having two Branches in Karnataka and both are in different locations and we have only one Sales tax registration in KA, How much amount we have to Pay as Annual tax. Does we need seperate registrations for both branches? or only one Professional tax registration is enough for us

  2. Sir, I 'm an accountant of automobile spares retailers which is registered under KVAT act,
    are we liable to pay professional tax?
    if yes, when & how much?.

  3. Yes as an employer you need to pay Professional tax and register with PT. If you employ staffs and paying salary you are supposed to deduct PT as per the slab and pay to PT department on monthly basis with needed form enclosed

  4. Hi, I am working in Microfinance institute registered under societies act 1960 in Bidar. presently we are having 6 branches in all over karnataka and our head office in Bangalore, we need to get PT registration for individual branches or not?

    Send u r reply to


  5. we are having society registered under the Karnataka society registration act. We are running education under society. we have got registered the BCA college under the P.T.Act. which working under above society. Whether P.T.Act is applicable to society also. If no then under which section.

  6. sir my client is educational society registered under karnataka society registration act 1860 from the year 2007-08. Whether it is liable for profesional tax. If yes then at what amount of tax per annum. and under which head it is liabale for professional tax.

  7. M R Vishwaradhya on

    Sir ours is a private educational institution racognised by govt , and the teachers who are aided by govt salery they are paying proffessional tax as per there salare slab , is it nessessaru to pay by mannagment also as registerd education institution ?

  8. Sir I'm running health care BPO i.e Medical transcription,rendering service to US clients,we have been registered under karanataka Professional tax act,we are deducting PT for our regular employees,but recently we are outsourcing our jobs to home based Workers called contract workers.should we deduct PT for the contract work too?

  9. Sir,
    We are registered for employer Professional Tax and we need to register for Employee professional tax. What is the detail procedure to registering for Employee Professional Tax. Our outsourced accountant is saying we have to pay Rs.3500/- bribe to get it registered. We are only 6 employees. Only 4 people come under PT including 2 directors.
    Thanks and regards

  10. Sir,
    We are a company having 18 showrooms in karnataka, do we have to register each showroom seperately & to pay Rs. 2500/anum for each showroom or can register under single code & pay Rs. 2500/only. Plz suggest.
    – Manoj Tyagi

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