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Now a day’s project is part of curriculum where in from your Bachelor’s degree till your master’s one need to conduct project and submit the project report to their respective institution.
Project requires the preparation of synapses in some universities like IGNOU where in student is required to submit the brief details of their project and methodology followed in conducting project. Once approved one can get started with the project.
But in case of BBA(Bachelor of business administration) (Bachelor’s of commerce),, MBA where in students will take-up the project based on specialization which may be marketing,finance,HR,Information technology etc…
One main thing involved or purpose of project will be to make the student more practical oriented than a theory worm. So one need to pay utmost attention in project work and understand the practical aspect of the industry.
They can approach companies based on their topics for help in getting the needed resources, data, questionnaire completed. Originality of the project is very crucial and one cannot submit the project which is prepared by some other student and submitted for obtaining degree or master degree.
Timeline is very crucial for project as it may range between 3 to 6 months and initial phase one will be spending most of their time in data collection, understanding the working of an organization relevant to their project topic.
Choosing project topic is very crucial as the whole project revolve around the same.
Summary of your recommendations and suggestions will be the main crux of your project. Here you have to explain your inference on your project. Data collection and interpreting data is very crucial.
If someone need guidance relating to project work, choosing topic ,data collection help and finalizing the project feel free to mail or call me back.(09902977233)

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