New pattern for IAS/IPS -2013 I Civil service exams from 2011

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New test for civil services aspirants
Papers Will Lay Special Emphasis On Testing Aptitude & Decision-Making Ability
New Delhi: Aspirants for the civil services will face a different pattern of examination from next year as the government has approved a proposal to introduce an aptitude test in place of the existing preliminary examination to shortlist candidates for the main exam.
Accordingly,the candidates will have to appear in two objective type papers having special emphasis on testing their aptitude for civil services as well as on ethical and moral dimension of decision making under a Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT).
Both these papers having equal weightage will be common to all candidates in place of the one common paper (general awareness) and one optional paper (any particular subject of choice) under the existing system which lays greater emphasis on subject knowledge.
As of now,the change will be effective only for the first stage of the Civil Services Examination (CSE) from 2011 onwards.The second and third stages CS (Main) Examination and interview respectively may remain the same till a committee of experts goes into various aspects of the entire system and submits its report.
Confirming the change for the first stage of CSE,minister of state for personnel Prithviraj Chavan told the Lok Sabha on Wednesday that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has approved the proposal for introduction of CSAT in place of the existing CS (Preliminary) Examination.In his written reply,he said: CSAT is expected to come into effect from CSE,2011.
The proposal to this effect was sent to the PMO last year by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) which conducts CSE every year to select candidates for elite all-India services,including IAS,IPS,IFS,IRS and others Group A and Group B central jobs.
Officials familiar with the proposal which has got the PMs nod explained that the changes were suggested by various committees,including the second Administrative Reforms Commission,in their reports submitted over the years.Most of the panels had advocated laying greater emphasis on the aptitude of candidates than their knowledge of a subject,arguing that specialists or experts in any particular subject may not necessarily be good civil servants.
Referring to introduction of CSAT,an official said: The new system will also provide a level-playing field and equity,since all candidates will have to attempt common papers unlike the current format which provides for only one common paper.
Though a scaling system is currently used in the preliminary examination in order to ensure that no candidate who has opted for any particular optional paper gets undue advantage because of varying degree of difficulty of any paper or inherent scorability,the government has received a number of complaints objecting to the method on one ground or the other.One related matter has even been pending in Supreme Court for long.
Govt has approved a proposal to introduce an aptitude test in place of the existing preliminary examination
The candidates will have to appear in two objective type papers having special emphasis on testing their aptitude for civil services as well as on ethical and moral dimension of decision making under a Civil Services Aptitude Test .Both these papers having equal weightage will be common to all candidates

The change will be effective only for the first stage of the Civil Services Examination from 2011 onwards

New syllabus for IAS/IPS 2011

New syllabus for IAS/IPS as announced by UPSC

Sample test paper based on new syllabus as annouced by UPSC

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  1. Syed Mubashir Andrabi on

    it was very pleased to here that the IAS preliminary has been made as aptitude based. It will obviously help the capable & talented students to cross this exam.

  2. desasster-sFx on

    i would appreciate if any one here could help me how should i prepare for this apptitude test and general decision making test

  3. now the talented and intelligent students will come forward in place of bookworms or crammers

    thanx to UPSC
    waiting for the same thing for mains also…

  4. The decision seems to be favoring youngsters but upsc should announce the syllabus officially at least by May. Moreover, proper guidelines must be provided to the aspirants for the preparations.



  7. this would not be a wise decision as it would just test the aptitude of the candidae.there is no provision for checking the knowledge of current affairs of the candidate.this decision would encourage the selection of non deserving candidates who are completely unaware of what is going on in the country.

  8. BEING AN IAS OR OTHER ADMINISTATIVE OFFICER,the candidate shoud have knowledge of general knoeledge (curent affairs and past hist) of india.this is the worst decision by govt.CSE shoud b different from bank po or lic exam.

  9. syllabus for the mains cse2011 must b announced asap. and by the way,i would like to tell ms.vineeta dat cse is always going to remain different from lic and bank po coz pre already includes general studies paper along with aptitude paper.

  10. i am also an IAS aspirant,,
    although I like the new pattern,, but how to prepare that Decision Making paper..???

  11. Hi this is sandeep from nagpur….I humbly welcome the decision for introducing CSAT…But i think this wud help only thoe students having science background i.e of technical stream…But what about the rural students or students studying subject other than science? And wht about those who are preparing the conventional syllabus of CSE for years and yet not selected? Only resticting the prelim to aptitude(maths)is helpful to wht extent for student of Sanskrit, History,sociology or students who have never studied maths like subjects after schooling?…N no. of queries are there in this change of pattern for civil services..Yet the deciion is final…Pack your bag dear students of arts,geography. marathi literature,sanskrit graduate,and many more..You all have no rights to appear for civil services hereafter….

  12. first wait for the new things to get clarified.. later on u can think for how many hours u have 2 prepare… but i strongly suggest to be releaxed and wait for the rite time

  13. Dr.Nehali Singh on

    really a good dicision shud have been made earlier so that i cud hav been got chance to be an IAS but now time for intelligent student starts an i thanks upsc to help tallented students to do good to themselves an then also to country by their tallent an intelligence thanks.

  14. Vivek Pratap Singh on

    Hello All,

    I am Vivek and I welcome the discussion with open mindedness. See, people from Arts background, please dont think that you guys wont be able to crack the CSAT, as off I know about UPSC, they might have gone a rigourous deep study on the mode of exam and the introduction of CSAT, you cannot challenge their process / system for improvement. May be its my perception only, but I believe that it solves the purpose; as IAS/IPS/IFS/IRS are the people who runs the system while being in system, they develop the system while being in system, and to run a system you dont have to know arts, maths, english, or any science subject thoroughly, you just have to have that ATTITUDE & APTITUDE that you have gained over the years of study, environment in which you have been, the mode you follow to resolve the problems you face and ultimately the outcome which comes whether its ethical on moral grounds or not, plus whether is it the optimum solution or not.

    CSAT will be much easier to analyse the general decision making power and attitude of the person who is going for it.

    There is a suggestion for people who are not from science background, that they should start studying the Analytic reasoning books (RS AGGARWAL), coz this test might have some basic mathematical problems placed in such a way that they might seem equally hard to you as well as the science students, so both the students have to study the same to prepare.

    In the end i want to conclude that people should be open to change. And i believe the two objective pre lims will be like

    1st one – CSAT I (The test they gonna develop for all).
    2nd one – CSAT II (which will have GS)

    So, its not that the Pre Lims will be easily cleared for people who dont have current affairs knowledge as some one said in the above thread. One has to have that GS knowledge !!!

    Finally, let the UPSC come out with the printed reports on the same on their notifications, till then just wait and relax, let the time come and charge up for Handling the Biggest Democracy in the World….

    Its our World you know…

    All the best to everyone, I wish you all to become a CIVIL SERVANT and really SERVE the "Republic Of INDIA".

    Jai HInd !!! 😉


  15. Its realy a very gud decision. The basic requirement for an IAS officer is to test his/her decision making skill.
    A book worm shudn't be an IAS, but there shud be an intelligent person, who can make instant decisions on the basis of his/her skills.

    It wud decrease the number of girls clearing the UPSC exam, as their IQ level is far behind to dat of a gentelman. they are the actual book worms.

    gud luck..

    waiting for the same or overall personality based test for the IAS mains as well…

    Abhishek Tiwari

  16. karan raj singh on

    Hello im karan.
    im 20..i wanna b an IAS officer but only as a district collector..
    i did my BCA..
    plz any1 tell me i wanna start preprations so is it clear and confirm the CSAT from 2011?
    and yes tell me the best coaching institute..
    u can reply here or at

  17. Neeraj Yadav on

    i do welcome the decision of UPSE to apply CSAT from 2011 in CSE(Pre.) It would b helpfull to those students who are weaker to remeber the exact data, number of places, or number of names. and when we talk about the the general study part it is not being left you hav to do the same hard work for general studies in mains exam and i think that that is sufficient to have knowledge about the current affairs and past hits.

  18. i welcome this change but will more welcome if the same change is made effective in mains as well.

  19. i m v thankful to indian govt who have think that changes r necessary to bring in this exam to cope up with the changing conditios in the society and as well as in the the competition will be more fair and the outcome will be best to lead the country

  20. it is wrong for art&commerce students and benificial for engg. and MBA ,what about the student who have been preparing for long time with old pattern .

  21. old pattern was good bcoz it helped to select mature persons which is very essentail for this type of services . becoz it is not necessary every logical person shuld have mature mentality.

  22. hi everybody,am dng 2ndyear MBA………am preparing 4 civil service exam………i want a gud clarification on GS and optional subjects…….and then wat abt CSAT?is it replaced for GS or different?

  23. dear amit……CAST is in place of optional subject …GS will be same …mean u have two papers in pre ..1st is—GS
    and 2nd will be—aptitude test…
    aptitude test contain math,reasoning,etc…
    aptitude test is time consuming paper so we have too more focus on it …and shoud have deep knowledge of numbers….(i m indra )

  24. Genrally new notification of Civil services 2011 will be up by 1st week of jan 2011 and if the committe accept the new pattern it will be annouced well in advance…

  25. hi this is booms , a good decision but too late, the problem solvers needed for our country, so this exam will surely help to find the problem solvers, this should not be in doubt , should be should be implemented immediately

    i would like to say that the CSAT PATTERN introduced for 2011 will check the "positive attitude " of the candidate with some knowledge about the facts and figures………all d vry best tc..

  27. Md. Zeeshan Khan on

    I felt good when I heared about the change in IAS exam pattern that Apptitude test has replaced the preliminary exam…
    I always used to say that it is to bad to conduct the test related to any subject in civil services because the officers have to take various types of crucial decisions on the basis of situation concerned, so why this subjective theory knowledge is being checked.
    I also want that the MAIN exam must also be changed in reasoning & aptitude….bye..

  28. CSAT apptitude test is really a good step towards the changing scenario
    of India.

    I strongly appreciate this.

  29. its going to be tough 4 old students na .ofcourse it could be nice 4 tallented students to come thru.lets wait n c

  30. Hello Freinds….

    It's Pulak said…

    it's a good decision but it will be tougher for them to compete main exam as time is very less…..

    So,either main exam format should change or time gap should increase….

  31. Asha ambiger on

    I'm really delighted to know that IAS PRELIM exam pattern has changed.. new pattern is certainly going to help me clear prelims as i'm a science student..

  32. i think now it is a complete set of testing one's capability for cracking India's toughest EXAMINATION.Further changes in this exam can spoil the one's overall performance and then it will be test of particular type of students.

  33. hi,am in 2nd year BE.,have got to get clarified with 2points
    1.when wil be the nxt change in syllabus(as i heard that patttern change would occur once in 10years)
    2.introducton of apt test from 2011 is confirmed??
    pls reply

  34. hi,am in 2nd year BE.,have got to get clarified with 2points
    1.when wil be the nxt change in syllabus(as i heard that patttern change would occur once in 10years,pls specify the year)
    2.introducton of apt test from 2011 is confirmed??
    pls reply

  35. hi i am Harwinder singh phatad from ambala.
    sare comments csat ki favour mein hai jo, main unse ek sawal karna chatha hoon ki, sabi yeh keh rahe hain ki it is good to have change in exam pattern and it would bring the intelligent civil officers…… toh 2011 se pehle jo ias bane hain vo pagal hai ? or ingelligent nahi hai ? or unme decision lenge ki capacity nahi hai ? or kya voh mature nahi hai ? or kya unki selection kisi pagaloin ke dwara hui hai ? or jo bechare ias aspirants last 3 ya isse bi jada saloin se teyari kar rahe hai ,voh kya abi mature nahi hue ? or kya age limit hamare nalayak netaon ki hi kartoot hai, vo neta jo sansad mein joote or galiyan chalaten hai , un mahan logon ne jinke pass dimag naam ki koi cheez hi nahi hai , kya ab vo ias ko measure karne ki koshish karenge ?

    all the above yeh neta jo kuch bi nahi jante and jo peon ki post ke layak nahi hai unka decision hamari intelligent and mature aspirants ka kya mukabla karega.

    agar mere sawalon ka anser yes hai toh……..

    ias se jyada zaroorat hai desh ke 97.88 percent netaon ko bahar nikalo. because ………

    yeh nahi chahte ki desh aage bade, kyuki… agar desh taraqi karega to inn sare netaon ko padna likna or intelligent banna padega.

    inke liye bi npat( national politician apptitude test ) 2011 se lagu karo. because ias se jyada power to inki hoti hai.
    jitni jyada power utna jyada test.

  36. Hi I am neeraj from mumbai
    And I think the decesion is perfect
    I read in the posts that it will not check maturity of the aspirants, But lemme say that maturity could be checked in the interview and mains

  37. vipin sagar its true on

    u all guys were waiting for this change at same, delighted at same, first time no clash of thought, hard to understand HOW??????.
    HERE IS ANSWER, how long u gay have prepared for UPSC, how many times u guys not selected, how many times u guys have given up on UPSC, UPSC is not a joke. it find out a genius from the numerous crowd who are hard to beat in there respective areas.
    IT's hard to understand how only person having knowledge over few tricky maths has got all the ability to run the nation,at the same time who has a mere factual knowledge over current issues THANK TO GROOMING INDIAN MEDIA .
    IAS is all about a person solid at within not at first looking……

  38. Finally Government has given it's acceptance for new CSAT effective for prelims of 2011. Soo all aspirants get ready for new pattern!!!!

  39. NEW DELHI: In a significant move, Government has agreed to a proposal to introduce Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) in place of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination.

    "The government has approved the proposal for introduction of Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) in place of Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination," minister of state for personnel, public grievances and pensions Prithviraj Chavan informed the Rajya Sabha.

    In CSAT, one of optional subjects which a candidate could have chosen out of 23 optional has been replaced with common paper on aptitude test, he said, adding the syllabus of CSAT is being worked out.

  40. praveen singh rathore on

    i think it is good decision , coz civil servant have a all subject knowledge its our country lovers job all the best all of u
    JAI HIND!!

  41. hiii friends i am ashwani.i did my scholling in science streme and now i m doing history honors from delhi university and i want to do preperation for IAS. so according to the new pattern is it good for me?

  42. Dear KSK,
    please read again what information has given by Mr. Prithviraj Chavan in Rajya Sabha. Because in his information he has stated that One Optional subject will have to choose among 23 optional subject given by UPSC.

    Kuldeep Khobragade

  43. Who are thinking csat is bad on the basis that it is not testing current affairs etc. ,for them i will like to add that gs paper is still there…only optional paper is removed..surely this pattern will bring equality and transparency in process

  44. @ abhishekh u bloody hell idiot had said in this discussion tht girls do not have the decision making power and they have lesser IQ then boys. so……….lets wait n watch boys tht how you boys are goin g to perform better in this UPSC exams then girls. All the best boys u need it…..

  45. great …simply great ..
    This is one of the most innovative change done to the Civil Services Examination .
    It will result in bringing brighter people into the country's Administrative platform as well as a level playing ground for all aspirants

  46. arunkumar IPS

    This what a competition is, surely i will get in and win in civil service. I am dare to an IPS officer. I welcome the new syllabus pattern with my whole heart.

  47. Hi this is Manju. whatever is the syllabi or the pattern for coveted IAS/IPS. Be prepared for everything.Ultimately it s herculian task f climbing an everest n the one who dares to think beyond his capabilities n who manages the time as wel in preparing and keep his or her heart solely for it is the winner. WISH U ALL THE BEST DEAR IAS ASPIRANTS…… (Struggle for existence)

  48. does any one know the Syllabus for CSAT(Aptitude Test)??? plz email
    my maths is weak. nw its possible for me to crack this type of (CSAT) exam?
    plz any1 tell me i wanna start preprations so is it clear and confirm the CSAT from 2011?
    and yes tell me the best coaching institute…..
    in chandigarh

  49. ya its right but what abt old students and the govt should thnk abt them also and the decision should be diplomatic

  50. @richi u should show in exam but not like in this type of comments goy it all the best for girls and especially richi

  51. Hi,

    I am Anand Raj Soni, MBA qualified, And also running my own company. I want to appear for IAS as taking challenge is my passion. My dream is to reach on the top, not with the money but with my NAME.

    I am really doing good with my company as i stared it two year back, and 29 employee working with me.

    Having a good command over Aptitude as i appeared for CAT and MAT, but little knowledge in "Current Affairs".

    Guys. please help me out how to prepare for the exam. please send me PM on :-

  52. Hi everyone…myself Mohit…i m an engineering graduate…i just wonder y people r so much against any one from engineering or medical or an mba field from giving civil services exam…we all r free to give ny xam in this country….especially xams like civil services r based on knowledge..nd nw since apptitude is also dere its really good for everyone to prove himself irreapective of the stream he or she comes from…nyways ALL THE BEST to all those appearing this year…DO WELL nd guide us on this blog..

  53. Sasanka Sekhar Dwivedi on

    I think the change in pattern of Preliminary Exam will bring a harmony in selection of students for Mains..

  54. Hello,

    Can anyone please mail me when i have to apply for an IAS or the Prelims Exam and the application from where it needs to collected and te procedure for this Exam.
    Please send me a mail to

    Thanks in advance.


  55. hi frnds….gopi from coimbatore….pls dont think the new pattern of prelims wont be suitable for arts background students…. civil services need sacrificing personalities . it needs right aptitude and attitude person who can serve to the nation …i hope this new pattern willl help to choose them…hope for the best and study hard…hard work never fails..thank you

  56. its good to hear that the prelims exam will be aptitude based at the end of the day its knowledge, smartness and attitude that matters. Hope we will hear the same about the mains examination too. well i am too far from completing my graduation now so i hope till the time i will be eligible for these exams it would be that as i expect and i wanna wish all the very best to all those who are appearing soon for the exam. APTITUDE, guys, it really matters

  57. hi, i am shruti, a medical student, well i have just started with my graduation so its a long way to go for ias but it really fscinates me can anyone please help me with how could i start building my knowledge, and most importantly attitude and aptitude for it.

  58. Dear aspirants this year will be a testing year for all soo lets make this forum common platform to share study tips.. we will post all our knowledge which can help in our preparation….

    Each of us if we give 10 tips each it will become 1000 plus….


  59. Hai iam kirthigha a BCA student iam very happy of seeing the nw syllabus iam very eagerly waiting for IAs please help me iam very at the confused state of the reference books of new syllabus 2011.
    please help me with a clear details of reference books as soon as possible i will be very thankful if you help me.

  60. bharathi said. I m much determint of bcoming a future ias officer. . .bt pls let me knw d timeframe for prelims preparatin. Can i start now for d may 2011 exam?.

  61. it was really a magnanimous decision taken by the authorities. i really appreciate and apparently want to comment that now only the real achievers are eligible for CSE ,AND THUS IT IS FAIR ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE …………..HAHAHA…:0 IF U HAV THE GUTS THAN SHOW IT …………………………………

  62. hi everyone……….. i m thulasi….soonafter completion of my degree i came into this civil services exam preparation.but last year i wasted my 1st attempt…all my friends are completing their i m thinking did i wasted my 1yr. i m in total confusion….

  63. @Anonymous I was also one like you when I started preparing for civil service where in my friend's have joined MBA and other PG courses but If your preparation is upto the mark and you are confident just try for one more attempt or else you can join some good PG courses which can offer you job. Later I did completed 2 PG's and now i am in a top position with a company where as the knowledge level I have cannot be beaten by any one in your similar profession. All the best for your preparation.

    One more thing if you prepare for IAS cracking other state board and other job exam will be a cake walk

  64. dear,all all the very best to all the IAS/IPS aspirent and all of u must positive while prepering this kind of competititve exam

  65. Hi I am garima….
    can some one tell me in detail what all is included in GS…I am New…

    Also is R. S Agrawal enough for paper II

    please reply

  66. I want to know…I have selected political as first optional and history as second optional subject…so can you tell me in prelim exam..Is there questions concerning these subjects also?

  67. waseem @ it iz one of the important change that has been made by UPSC now the best talent from across the country ll come out….

  68. respected sir my name is uma sankar[CA:articles,CWA:final],i want to prepare for civils,please tell me the details about civils like pattern,stages,qualification. my contact is 9493924421,

  69. thank you for the above imformation.this was really helpful.the link also provides good paper's.
    can someone guide me for online preparation for IAS 2013 (hindi) as i am from science stream ,so don't have much knowlegde about hindi literature and grammer.i found this link during my online search. are these courses useful??? should i spend my money on them. kindly guide me about them..

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