Euro IV emission norms effective from 1st of April 2010 and impact on fuel price????

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Listing some of the steps that are being taken for cleaner air quality, he said, from April 1, all vehicles would have to comply with Euro-IV emission norms across 13 major cities. Euro-III emission norms would be applicable across the country later this year. In addition, lead pollution standards had been tightened and attention was now being paid to mercury pollution, the minister added
Bangaloreans,get ready to pay 40 ps more a litre for a litre of motor fuels.The rise will be on account of Euro-IV fuels,to be introduced in Bangalore and 12 other cities from April.
According to the policy, which was approved by the Centre in October 2003, Euro-IV petrol and diesel will be introduced in the cities of Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Surat, Kanpur, Delhi, Agra and Kolkata. For the rest of the country, vehicles exhaust emissions should conform to Euro-III petrol and diesel or equivalent norms by 2010.
The main advantage of introducing Euro-IV fuel is that it is less dangerous to health as the emissions will be less by using this better quality fuel.
In diesel, the permissible sulphur content was reduced from 500 PPM in Euro-II diesel to 350 PPM in Euro-III diesel. In Euro-IV diesel it will be 50 PPM. “This results in reduction of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and suspended particulate matter, during fuel combustion, that are emitted into the atmosphere thereby improving the quality of air.

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