Investment with insurance

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Every one who invest in insurance scheme will be under the impression that he will get following benefit:

1.Securing his family in case of his absence.
2.Covering the risk.
3.Investment cum risk cover.
4.Deduction under section 80C to save tax.

Some will always say insurance willnot yield anything to me as it is long term and meant for his nominee and turn a deaf ear for it.

But But there is a way where one can think of investing his money with life cover which comes handly with Metlife insurance policy plan name called “Met growth super” (A Unit-Linked Endowment Plan) where in one can enjoy the benefit of market plus can invest systemtically every month and it is unit linked plan. As we invest every month a small amount which starts with just Rs.2000 we have covered the risk of market volatality.


Some of the key benefits of this scheme are:
  • An investment solution to helps you achieve your accumulation goals systematically.
  • Optimize your returns on investment through combination of investment options
  • Flexibility of partial withdrawals allows sudden cash requirements not become burdensome.
  • Increase potential for fund build‐up – 105% ‐ 120% of first year premium contribution added as
  • a guaranteed loyalty addition
  • Flexibility of partial withdrawals allows sudden cash requirements not become burdensome
  • Easy liquidity in case financial emergencies or otherwise as 2 partial withdrawals free of cost after the third year
  • 12 free switches in a year
  • Accidental Death Benefit and Critical Illness RiderTax saving on investments.
  • Remain invested in best asset class as per changing markets.
  • Option to Switch across funds helps dilute the repercussions of market downturns.

if some one interested and wish to know they can feel free to mail at at or call Mr. Kumar .S (09902977233)


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