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45-day deadline for Chinese mobile owners
Bangalore: As per the deadline given by the Department of Telecommunication (DoT), the Chinese made mobile handsets, which do not have genuine International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) numbers, are going dead from Monday midnight.
However, the DoT has given a breather to the mobile handset owners. It has given 45 days time for the Chinese mobile handset users to get genuine IMEI number implanted.
NVS Prasad, who handles Genuine IMEI Implantation (GII) programme for MSAI in Bangalore said that as per the DoT directive, the mobile phones would go dead.

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However, the latest flash communication is that the handset owners can get IMEI implanted for the next 45 days, which would activate the handsets again, he added. Estimated 2.1 crore Chinese-made mobiles are yet to get IMEI implanted or else the connections will be withdrawn.

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