who will take H1n1 blame in india?

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WE have heard ample news and precaution about h1n1 virus/ Swine flu in India. 2 months back it was a well known fact in international news as America , Germany , Brazil reported their first h1n1 death but now it is live in India. If we have observed some common precautions not medical precautions but precaution in terms of entry check at Airport to arrest the infected people from entering our country than detecting and qua ranting them at the airport out of which some have ran away causing big problem of H1N1 spread across India causing huge widespread infection and there by death.
We would have stopped entry of swine flu infected people entering to our country just by following a simple medical fitness certificate which states the foreign passenger is free from h1n1 virus. But we invited them with a simple check-list at airport and now we have to spend crores and crores of money to combat the same and infection is spreading like anything.
If similar situation happened in Other advanced countries there are many instances products from India itself is banned stating the same reason and in the interest of mass.
Now may be it is too late but have to face the consequence of the same.
Some facts and figure about H1n1 all over the world.:
  • Official US Total:(According to CDC)
    43852 cases, 477 deaths
  • Australia infected 29883 deaths 109
  • Mexico infected 1886 deaths 1163
  • United Kingdom infected12903 deaths 49
  • Chile infected12104 deaths 112
  • Canada infected11976 deaths 67
  • Thailand infected 11585 deaths 97
  • Germany infected 11493 deaths 0

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