New mediclaim policy from Met life

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New Health policy from Met life:

Met life India has launched one of the best and unique Health care plan for every one. Met Health care is a health insurance plan. Now a days health care expenses are unbearable by an individual if he plans to finance the same by himself. As per the survey Coverage of health insurance is limited to only about 5% of the population Out of which, only 10% have an individual health insurance policy. The remaining are covered by various employer schemes as well as government led schemes.

So what is needed is a plan with a simple benefit structure covering all expenses,A plan where the customer can easily ascertain what can be claimed,A plan where the customer is not tied in to network hospitals alone,A single plan which provides for multiple coverages plan which can cover the whole family,A plan which not only pays when you are in hospital but also pays in case you don’t use the policy,A plan which assures long term cover,A plan which has a hassle free entry process,And most important, a plan which has a simple process for making claims AND GUARANTEES THE PAYMENT OF THE CHOSEN HCB.

What Met health care plan will offer:

Daily Hospitalization Cash Benefit (Ranging between Rs.1000 to Rs.5000 Per day), Daily ICU Cash Benefit Recuperation Benefit Critical Illness Benefit Accidental Total & Permanent Disability Benefit

Interestingly no medical check-up needed for the person for taking-up this policy. The coverage of the policy is up to the age of 55. It is a family policy where in one policy covers the whole family.

    • For each year claim free year, a 10% No Claim Discount is provided on the initial premium.

    • Up to a maximum of 50% No Claim Discount can be accumulated.

    • On the occurrence of claim, the NCD will be set to zero.

    • A customer can start accumulating the NCD again thereafter.

    • NCD will be applicable even if the premium has been reset.

    • Tax benefit up to Rs.15000.00 under section 80D

  • This policy if for the whole Family which is defined as Husband, wife and 2 kids

How much I need to pay:

Premium will start with as least as Rs.3687 per year for an age group of 26 to 30 and for a sum assured of Rs. 1,00,000.00 for 10 critical illnesses including 1.Heart Attack 2.Surgery to coronary arteries 3.Heart Valve Replacement 4.Stroke 5.Kidney Failure 6.Paralysis 7.Cancer 8.Major Organ Transplant 9.Blindness 10.Aorta Surgery

Interested to know more contact or call 9902977233.


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