Intuit QuickBooks Certified User Program from India

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Intuit QuickBooks Certified User Program

Intuit is pleased to announce the official QuickBooks Certified User Program.
The QuickBooks Certified User Program is a Web-based certification program designed for people who use QuickBooks in their day-to-day job, including bookkeepers, office managers and owners. The program is intended to broaden, deepen and verify users’ knowledge of QuickBooks Financial Software (Pro, Premier editions and Enterprise editions) through training and testing.

Benefits of the program:

Sharpen and expand your current QuickBooks and bookkeeping skills
Save time and increase efficiency by incorporating tips and tricks into your daily work
Demonstrate your QuickBooks capabilities to current and future employers
Receive a professional-looking certificate of completion

If one looking for help in getting trained and get certified as Quickbooks user just you need to pay $49.95 and attend the training conducted by cosmic IT services in india (Cosmic has been providing corporate and individuals QuickBooks training for over 5 years. Our philosophy is to provide “Quality training at affordable rates”. Cosmic unlike any other training institute provides you with hands on experience.)

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Topics & Exams

The comprehensive QuickBooks training consists of three sections. Each section includes several modules followed by an exam at the end of each section. The training is specifically designed to cover the topics you will be tested on. The exam is designed to test a broad range of QuickBooks skills, key tasks and work processes. Below is an outline of the key topics covered in the training and exams.

Topics covered in each section of Qb user certification:

Section 1: Essentials for the QuickBooks User
Module 1: Creating a New Data File and Entering Historical Transactions
Module 2: Lists
Module 3: Chart of Accounts and Financial Statements
Module 4: Items
Exam: Section 1
Section 2: Day to Day Transactions
Module 1: Customers, Sales and Receivables
Module 2: Vendors, Expenses and Payables
Module 3: Payroll and Time Tracking
Exam: Section 2
Section 3: Special Topics for QuickBooks User
Module 1: Reporting
Module 2: Customizing QuickBooks and Saving Time
Module 3: Security & Multi-User
Module 4: File Utilities
Module 5: Working With Accountants
Exam: Section 3

Sample test questions:

QST.1. How do you remove transactions from a company file without deleting existing lists, preference, and service subscriptions?
a. Click the Company menu and select Clean > Company Data
b. Click the File menu and select Utilities>Clean up Company Data from the menu. Then, choose the Remove All Transactions option
c. Click the File menu and select utilities > Purge Data from the menu
d. Click the Edit menu and select Delete All Transactions

Ans: B

QST.2. Which is the correct method to adjust sales taxes due?
a. Click the Vendors menu and select Sales Tax > Adjust Sales Tax Due
b. Click the Banking menu and select Pay Sales Tax with Adjustment
c. Click the Company menu and select Make General Journal Entries
d. Open the Sales Tax Payable account register and edit the ending balance

Ans: A

More details check to know the running training programme.


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