Khata Transfer process for BDA site in case of death of original allot tee

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Khata Transfer process for BDA site in case of death of original allot tee:

Documents needed:

1. Requisition letter in white sheet requesting for transfer of Khatha
2. Copy of identify proof which may be PAN card, Ration card Xerox.
3. Original khata issued.
4. Attested identification form notarized by a Gazetted officer.
5. Will of the deceased in case there is a will.
6. Living member list as issued by corporation of your respective city. (Vamsha vruksha in Kannada)
7. Self declaration form in Rs.20 stamp paper (Format available with any Xerox shop near Bangalore development Authority) –Notarized.
8. Joint declaration from the other legal heirs other than in whose name Khatha to be transferred it is a consent form or No objection letter on Rs.20 stamp paper (Notarized)
9. Indemnity form in Rs.100
10. Gas bill or Ration card as address proof as mentioned in your application.
11. EC or Encumbrance certificate from beginning till date which needs to be obtained from local sub-register office of the jurisdiction.

Generally it takes 15 to 20 working days to get the khatha transferred. All the Xerox copy of the documents has to be attested by a gazette officer who may be School head master also.

Obtaining EC will take some time and one can contact nearby Xerox shop vendor near Bangalore Development Authority office in Bangalore who will have all forms and he will get it notarized also. One can contact Mr. manjunath whose mobile no. is 9972533161 for these paper works.


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