Very Good pension plan from MetLife Insurance in India.

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Very Good pension plan from MetLife Insurance in India.

Met Advantage Plus – Unit-linked Pension Plan (Non Par)
Met Advantage Plus is a Unit-linked Pension Plan that works hard for you when you stop working. And like the name suggests, it comes with the maximum number of advantages. For one, it ensures that you lead a comfortable lifestyle. Always. More importantly, it helps you plan ahead, keeping in mind the escalating cost of living. What’s more, unlike any other plan, Met Advantage Plus comes with six investment options, eight annuity options, and much more…

For example assuming one’s age is 30 now and he invests in this plan Rs.25,000/ year for next 5 years . After 10 years from there or the moment he reaches 45 years whichever is earlier he will start getting a pension of Rs.8000.00 per month till he survive and after his death his spouse will get the same till she survive. It’s a very good plan to secure one’s future.

Met Advantage Plus is now being made available to you with two options of death benefit If interested one can contact for more details.


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