Lok Sabha elections likely in April-May

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Lok Sabha elections likely in April-May

Elections to the Lok Sabha are likely to be held on schedule in April-May next year and there is no “particular interest” to advance it unless absolutely necessary, Chief Election Commissioner N Gopalaswami said on Monday.

“The Lok Sabha elections are likely to be held between mid-April and mid-May. We have no particular interest in advancing it unless there is an absolutely great need for that,” he said.

Normally, the Chief Election Commissioner said as a convention the elections are held just before the government’s term ends.

“Elections will take place in the normal course,” he said.

When asked whether his comments meant that the elections would be held “only” in April-May, Gopalaswami said there were “no procedural difficulties” in holding them earlier.

Source: http://www.ndtv.com/convergence/ndtv/story.aspx?id=NEWEN20080075658


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