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To prepare Income Tax Return for Individuals [ITR-1/2/3] freely visit or

Any individual willing to prepare his electronic Return [or even physical return], he/she can Login to and prepare it,

Advantage is that, the website, computes the Tax -> Takes it to ITR -> provides the XML file [printout]which can be filed at [99.99% validated].

It is recommended to file the ITR before July 31st for the benefit of C/F losses and Tax Refunds.

As per the current structure, Individuals [Not liable for Audit] either
1. Can file the ITR Physically by submitting it to Income Tax Local office, or
2. Can file it electronically without digital signature and submit only Acknowledgment sheet to IT-Local Office or
3. Can file it electronically with digital signature and Keep acknowledgement for reference.

With the growing number of Tax assesses year after the year, department recommends 2nd or 3rd way of filing than the first one. Also note that, Refunds can be processed faster, if returns are filed electronically!!

First due date for “Income Tax return” is round the corner. The rush in the department counters are increasing.

Income tax department has opened Special counters from 25th July to 31st July at Bangalore. The counters will be open from 10Am to 1.30PM and 2PM to 5PM.

HMT Bhavan, Bellary road, Bangalore-32: All Salaried Employees.

Institute of Engineers, Dr. Ambedkar Veedhi, Bangalore-01: Only Private sector Employees.
CR Buildings, Queens road, Bangalore-01:

Only employees of state/central government/PSU & Pensioners, Banks and Insurance Companies, Universities, Hospitals, Educational & Research institutes.

Also note:

Please take your PAN card / Copy of your PAN card to avoid long queues for filing.
Physical Forms can be freely downloaded from
You can generate e-returns online Freely [ITR-1/2/3] from
Quote correct Tax payer PAN and Employer TAN [Also mention Name and address of employer correctly].

If you have refund, mention Bank Account number compulsorily. If you are opting for ECS, then mention 9 digit MICR code of bank, where you hold the account [it can be seen in cheque leaf of the bank]


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